Chaos In Nice Before The Match Against Cologne Video Viral On Twitter, YouTube & Reddit!


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If you are actively using social media and in particular spent your time on Twitter, then you are already aware of a video that is now going viral and became a topic of discussion. The video recounted the clashes between fans prior to Nice-Cologne. After witnessing the violent fight between the fans of Nice and Cologne, the French police had to use tear gas to disrupt the German ultras who constantly tried to invade the sectors of the other team’s fans with their faces covered. The clash had occurred just before the Conference League match on Thursday, September 8, 2022. A few hours before the match, the Germans were released in the city center. Follow our website for the latest updates!!!!!

The chaos happened before the match Nice vs Cologne

Later, the tension started when the 2 groups took the risk of hitting outside the stadium called Allianz Riviera. According to local media reports, the Germans introduced smoke bombs and bottles with an altercation that occurred in the crowd. The police responded immediately and managed to separate the two groups but even so, the attack resumed inside the stadium where the Cologne fans came out of the stands deliberating for them with their faces covered and tried to invade the sector of the rival teams. After seeing, the police had to intervene again, but this time they used tear gas to disperse the groups.

Chaos in Nice before the match against Cologne Video

In this incident, a German fan was instantly admitted to this hospital in critical condition, as he was brutally injured in this violence. The start scheduled for 6:45 p.m. has been postponed, pending the recovery of the conditions to play the match. RMC Sport made a tweet after this saying: “The atmosphere is totally degenerating in Nice! An hour before the match against Cologne, clashes broke out at the Allianz Riviera. German partisans attempted to join the Niçois in fighting. A supporter fell from a bleacher and appears to be seriously affected.” Now the video of the incident is making the rounds all over the web and drawing the attention of people who are getting tense and concerned after seeing the violent behavior of people before the game.

Some people claim that if the police did not take action in time, it could have been a good deal. The current condition of the victim is not yet known, but hopefully, we will get the information about it. People are looking for the link to the viral video and it is available on all social networks.

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