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Chaos In Ogbomosho: Sport Minister, Soun Of Ogbomosho Chased Out Of The Palace By ENDSARS Protesters



The ENDSARS protests has dominated all headlines across the country as everybody including celebrities are showing their support to the protests. Infact some popular Nigerians came out in person to lead the protest in some places across Nigeria.

During the ENDSARS protests in Ogbomosho, Oyo State, the police operatives were reported to have shot a 20 year old young man named Isiaq Jimoh on Saturday. The boy was reportedly shot at Owode Police Station where protesters demonstrating their displeasure towards the Special Anti Robbery Squad.

The ENDSARS protests is now turning ugly especially in Ogbomosho because some fully grown adults stormed the palace of Soun of Ogbomosho and wreak havoc their. According to reports circulating, the Sport Minister, Mr. Sunday Dare was at the palace with other Chiefs holding an important meeting.

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The angry mob disrupted the meeting and started doing damages to valuables because of the King’s failure to say something about Isiaq’s incident. The King, Sport Minister alongside Chiefs had to be escorted to safety by DSS and the Police Force.

But this angry people spoilt so many things at the palace before the Police Operatives came to the scene to put everything under control. The ENDSARS was very bloody in Ogbomosho because not less than eight people were reportedly shot dead during the protest on Saturday.

The Sport Minister, Mr. Sunday Dare has labelled those who perpetrated that act as hoodlums and thugs on his verified twitter account. He wrote that the protesters are just opportunists who saw the ongoing ENDSARS protests as an avenue to carry out an unacceptable actions.

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However, the Sport Minister added that they gained entry into Palace and started stoning everywhere destroying tables, chairs and doors. But thanks to the Police Force everybody present at the meeting are saved including Soun of Ogbomosho.