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Check out 6 Different types of kisses and thier meaning 😘👄💋



1.A kiss on the head or the hair

is usually given to toddlers or children, like a kid on their forehead it can be used to show that the person who is Been Kissed is cute or did something the kisser likes. doesn’t have to do with any intimacy attachment

2. A kiss on the hand.

a kiss on the hand it is not out of affection. and should not be taken as a signal that the kisser wants intimacy, it can be liking to a kiss on the cheek and can be exchanged between strangers on their first meeting. in some traditions a kiss on the hand is a sign of greeting, therefore do not panic or feel assaulted when you are been kissed on the hand by someone who doesn’t share any level of intimacy with you. a kiss on the hand can be shared among couples when they are in a formal gathering

3. A kiss on the ear or the earlobe.

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This type of kiss is usually used in foreplay because the ear is closer to the neck, and it is also a sign of intimacy that the kisser is searching for intimacy

4. A kiss on the nose

this kind of kiss is real. and it is common among couples only, this type of kiss doesn’t account for him to miss is it is only a kind of showing love among couples and saying goodbye. Every morning before work

5. A kiss on the finger

This type of kiss doesn’t signify any intimacy. It’s only a sign of love, it can be shared among friends and couples. Though it’s rare but it doesn’t really mean anything serious .

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6. A kiss on the Cheek

This could be done with air and space in between the two people. This type of kiss is common among families and friends. A little sound like ‘mwah’ could be made when giving out such kiss