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Checkout Paul Pogba’s Salary In A Week, Month And Year When Converted To Naira.



Checkout Paul Pogba’s Salary In A Week And Month, Converted To Naira.

Paul Pogba, is a France footballer born on March 15, 1993 born in Lagny-sur-Marne, Seine-et-Marne, to Guinean parents. Paul Pogba also has two brother who are also a footballer. Both of them play for their parents land, Guinean while he play for France.

Paul Pogba is a world class footballer, that play for one of the biggest club in the world.

Paul Pogba was a product of Manchester United Academy, although he left them in 2012 for free before re-joined them in 2016 for a world record fee, since 2016 he is still the most expensive player in England, Manchester pay £89million for his transfer fee.

Paul pogba, who can play different role on the midfield, he can play as a Defensive Midfielder, Attacking Midfielder, Box to Box, Central Midfielder and A Deep lying playmaker.

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Paul pogba, has not yet win any trophy with the Manchester United after his first season with the club, he won the UEFA Europa League and the league cup, and the community Shield with the club, all in his first season with the club.

Paul Pogba currently earn £290,000 a week at Manchester United.

Here is what Paul Pogba earn per week in Naira.

One Pound is 488.48naira, if it Converted to Naira.

He earn 141, 645, 454 Naira, in words he earn One Hundred Forty-One Million, Six Hundred forty-five Thousand, four Hundred fifty-four Naira only.

To get the actually amount they paid him per month will be 141,645, 454 multiply by 4.

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Paul Pogba earns 566,581,816 per Month, in word he earns five Hundred And sixty-six Million, Five Hundred And Eighth-one Thousand, Eight Hundred Sixteen Naira per Month.

In A year he earns, 6,798,981,792, per year, in word he earn more than 6 billion in a year. He earns six Billion, seven Hundred Ninety-eight Million, Nine Hundred Eighth-One Thousand, Seven Hundred And Ninety-two naira only per year.

Paul pogba is one of the highest paid player in the English League, as he is also a Good Footballer.

Paul pogba, is a big fans of Hairstyles, no doubt that he spend a huge part of his wages on his head, here is some pictures of his hairstyles.