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Cheech Marin is a very popular American Comic and actor. The popular comedy star is making a lot of headlines in the media and buzzes on social media. You all must be wondering why is he making so many headlines and buzzes on social media, so in today’s article we will clear your queries regarding this topic. Lately, a news story is floating all over the social media that a popular comedy star has an amputation leg and thus all his fans and admirers have stormed the social media. Netizens are going crazy for the answer to this question.

Cheech Marin Leg Amputation  Cheech Marin’s Leg Amputation What Happened To Him? Did He Meet With An Accident « CmaTrends Cheech Marins Leg Amputation What Happened To Him did he

Marin’s fans and followers have havoced the social media with their questions, about whether that is his leg’s original or amputation. Marin has successfully managed to enter the trending charts of social media lately. Everybody on social media is talking about Marin’s leg. All his fans and admirers are super eager to know all about this. They want to know that is their favorite star alright. Although many reports have reported that it’s a hoax and Marin has not been involved in any of the accidents and didn’t get his legs amputated.

Many popular media houses on social media have stated in their reports, that the news about Marin’s leg amputation is false and he has not met with any accident all this is just a hoax. Nowadays, it’s so easy on social media, to spread fake news and hoax about any celebrity. The popular comedy star is nowadays living in Malibu, California. Reports have confirmed that the popular comedy star is perfectly fine and living healthy. Cheech came into the entertainment industry in the late 1970s and early 1980s. He rose to fame in the 1980s. Since then he is ruling the hearts of the audience. In his massive career, he has earned a massive amount of fans and followers.

Marin was born on 13 July 1946 in Los Angeles California USA. His mother was from an American Mexican mom and his father was an official in the Los Angeles Police Department. He is well versed in English and Spanish. His work is loved by all the people. He has been honored with many awards and recognition in his such long career. He has been an inspiration for many young actors and comedy stars in nowadays popular culture. For all the latest national and international updates, news, and information stay tuned with us.

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