Chicago Cop Shooting Jabari Edwards Is The Suspect Arrested In Iowa

Edwards is being held at the Des Moines County Correctional Center pending extradition, according to a police officer.

Chicago police shooting: Who is Jabari Edwards? Suspect arrested in Iowa

According to the Chicago Police Department. David Brown and Jabari Edwards, men arrested in Iowa on Wednesday, were charged with shooting and killing a Chicago police officer during a traffic check last month.

Jabari Edwards, 28, has been charged with two counts of attempted murder in connection with the June 1 incident, as well as seriously wounded Officer Fernanda Ballesteros, Cook County court documents show.

At a news conference at police headquarters, David said local and federal officials helped capture Jabari early Wednesday in Burlington, Iowa.

Jabari is reportedly being held at the Des Moines County Correctional Center pending extradition, according to the officer.

How old is Jabari Edwards?Wikipedia Bio

Currently, Jabari Edwards is 28 years old. Although Edwards’ exact date of birth is uncertain, it is believed he was born between 1993 and 1994.

The arrested man appears to be about 5 feet 10 inches tall and his weight is proportional to his height. He appears to have black eyes and dreadlocks.

He shot when Ballesteros and her partner tried to stop Jabari for a “minor” traffic violation on the day of the incident, according to officers.

After being shot in the shoulder, Ballesteros’ partner took her to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where she was treated and eventually released, surprising many of her admirers.

As she continues to recuperate, the officer expressed optimism that the arrest will “bring some sense of justice and peace to our officers,” adding that investigators were “working tirelessly to resolve this case.”

Jabari Edwards Race and Family

Although it has not been confirmed, Jabari Edwards appears to be of African-American ancestry. It is understood that his family remains a mystery. Due to the delicate situation, the police have not released this information.

Edwards has kept his parents and siblings secret and has not revealed any information about them.

News of his detention may have shocked his family, and they may have been even more shocked to learn why.

The arrest of anyone’s family is not easy to know because no one wants their family in trouble. It is unclear if his parents were also African-American.

Jabari Edwards charges and prison details

Jabari Edwards has been charged with two counts of attempted murder of a police officer in connection with the horrific events of June 1.

The officer claimed that excellent police work led to the arrest. It should remind all those engaged in illegal activities that criminals cannot escape capture or escape the law. Every criminal will be held responsible for their actions and suffer the consequences.

Jabari was previously detained twice locally, one of which was convicted in 2012, according to Detective Inspector Brendan Deenihan. Jabari was charged with felony firearms charges before being dismissed in February, according to court documents.

Brendan claims witnesses told police where Jabari fled when he crashed and they “put him in the vehicle that was used in the shooting.” Investigators then looked at a video purportedly depicting Jabari hiding a gun; the video eventually matched the shell casings found at the filming site.

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