WATCH: Chris Rock Response Video To Will Smith Punch, Apology Statement Explained: Recently, a freaking scene came out on the internet where Will Smith one of the biggest actors in the Hollywood industry has slapped Chris Rock onstage in front of the audience and in front of the live viewers. The audience who were sitting at the Oscars 2022 were totally shocked especially his wife. The reason for the slap is Chris Rock trying to crack a joke on his wife named Jada Pinkett Smith. This created an awkward environment between the audiences and many were curious to know about Chirs Rock’s response. When Chris got slapped from the Will he said one line that is That was the greatest night in television history ever. Follow More Update On

Chris Rock Response Video To Will Smith Punch

While viewers were still digesting the event in which Will Smith came onstage at the Oscars and smacked Chris Rock for making a joke about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, the night’s Best Actor winner was Will Smith, the star of King Richard. Smith walked the stage with tears in his eyes, apologizing to the Academy and many others, but not to Rock, after an emotional event. Smith noticed connections between himself and the film character he was playing, Richard Williams, the father of Serena and Venus. The Smiths and the Rolling Stones have had a history of feuding over the Academy Awards. Rock made fun of Pinkett Smith, who had boycotted the show owing to a lack of diversity among the acting contenders, during his opening speech in 2016. WATCH: Chris Rock Oscars Twitter Will Smith Slap Video Goes Viral On Reddit, YouTube, and, Instagram

Chris Rock Response Video

Chris Rock was on the stage to give the best awards for the best documentary when he cracked a joke that Will doesn’t appreciate. Rather, he was angry at his joke. Will doesn’t tolerate his so-called attitude and immediately goes onto the stage, slapped the comedian, and returns to his seat. Was Chris Rock Involved In Car Accident After The Oscars On-Stage Slap? American comedian Death Hoax Debunked

Will Smith Punch Apology Statement Explained

Chris replied Oh Wow! That was the best night on television ever. Already Chris and Will have some issues and he arouses the topic of the fight. Somehow, Will tolerate his anger but if he is not on the stage then he definitely punches his face and takes it to another level. If you look at Will’s eyes, you will see that he was controlling his anger all the time and was watching with anger. The joke that he made about Will’s wife was awful and doesn’t have the right to say anything about her.

Last Sunday, there was the greatest Hollywood night as the 94th Academy Awards took place in Los Angeles. It was a huge event where numerous Hollywood personalities made their appearances. The entire event was filled with lots of fun and entertainment. Academy Awards is one of those ceremonies that took place every year in which the best films are honored for their work in different categories. In the event, several fun moments have happened and the viewers enjoyed it. After the night, there is a video from the ceremony on social media in which Smith punches Chris Rock, the host as he jokes with his wife. Here, we have brought the details about what exactly happened between them

Chris Rock Oscars Twitter

So, there was a small incident that caught the attention of everyone last night and it was the powerful punch that Will Smith landed on Chris Rock in the face. The video of this small incident has been surfacing all over the internet in which Chris Rock can be seen making a “G.I. Jane 2” joke about Jada Pinkett Smith, pushing Will Smith to punch him and shout, “Leave my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth. #Oscars” Chris Rock and Will Smith got into a dispute at the 94th Academy Awards.

Video Of Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock

Chris came on the stage to present the Oscars for a documentary, meanwhile, he joked about Jada Pinkett Smith in GI Jane as she shaved her head. After this, Smith went onto the stage to hit Rock. However, it looked like a joke at first, but when Smith came back to his seat and shouted at Rock, “Don’t get my wife’s name out of your f**king mouth!” The people who were over there were shocked by seeing the incident.

Later, Dee Dee, the next host for the ceremony took the stage to introduce the Godfather’s 50th-anniversary celebration. Dee Dee said, “Will and Chris, we’re going to work through this as a family. Now let’s move on with love. Everyone does a nose job.” The publicist of Smith, Meredith O. Sullivan came to him during the ad break to have a word with him. Last year, Pinkett Smith made an announcement on her official Instagram handle that she shaved her head after battling hair loss. Apart from this, there were several memorable moments that took place during the event which made the night more stunning and great. Indian viewers can watch the ceremony tonight on Star channels

Will Smith And Chris Rock Video

After a long and contentious voyage, the 94th Academy Awards are finally here. The final forecasts have arrived with “CODA” and “Dog Power” competing for the grand prize of the night, and all eyes, including are, will be on the small screen that promises us to give a full dose of entertainment. Keeping here all night, Time columnists Glenn Whipp and Mary McNamara cover the best speeches, biggest surprises, and other headlines from the ceremony of Sunday in our live breakdown conversation about the 2022 Oscars including trophies awarded off-screen.

Will Smith Slap Video Viral On Reddit

On Sunday, 27th of March 2022, Riz Ahmed and Aneil Karia win the Oscar in the category of Best Live Action Short at the 94th Academy Awards. The Awards ceremony was held at the Dolby Theater at Ovation Hollywood prize. Is anyone paying close attention to the award ceremony now? Or do we all just reprise the slap over and over again, waiting for the best actor to view up?-GW

When Rock hosted the Oscars in the year 2016, he mocked Will and Jada for boycotting the event. “Jada was annoyed and she stated that she was not coming. Did not she have a Television show? Jada boycotted the Oscars like I boycotted the panties of Rihanna- I was not invited!” Rock further added, “You are going to do it because of Will Furious for performing so well and not being nominated” (for his role in “Concussion”). “It is also not fair that Will gets paid $20 million for Wild West.” So yeah, I think there is some kind of history there.-GW

At least Daddy made Smith laugh. But it was one of the most bizarre, quite disturbing Oscar moments I have ever watched. I wonder how it works in the room, how the energy changes. Stay connected with us for further updates.

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