#Chrisland School vgc video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit – 10 year old chrisland girl video?

Chrisland School vgc video

Chrisland School VGC video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit – 10-year-old chrisland girl video? The mother of a 10-year-old student who has been suspended from Chrisland Schools in Lagos State has come out about her daughter’s involvement in a sex tape that has now gone viral on social media.

During the World School Games in Dubai, UAE, the film was shot in a room where the students were staying.

Chrisland School VGC video

The mother of the student alleged in a video on social media that the school was first silent about the incident.

“My child attends Chrisland School VGC,” she explained.

“Please, I’m making this video to plead with Nigerians to help me receive justice.

I was on my way out of Lagos about a month ago when I received a call from the Chrisland head instructor.

“She indicated she wanted to see me, so I went to the school two days later.”

“When I arrived at the school, I met with their representatives.

Chrisland School VGC video Twitter

“They stated they wanted me to know that my daughter, whom I had left in their care while I went on a trip to Dubai, had a kiss with a boy and that the boy kissed her as well.”

“They discovered that they got the kissing idea from ‘Truth and Dare,’ and they urged me to warn my daughter and take her phone away.”

“I said well if it’s just that, I’ll go get the phone from her,” she added.

“Mrs. Kemi also urged me not to tell my spouse that a lady should not tell her husband everything.”

“I didn’t think the problem was more than that, so that was the end of it.”

“I got a call from a mom who said she needed to see me right away.”

“When I arrived at her place, she informed me that something had been trending in Chrisland and that she thought I was unaware of it.

Chrisland School VGC Viral video

“The woman gave me the video and said that all of the parents were aware of what was going on.”

“I informed my husband right away.”

“The school sent her a suspension notice because we started contacting them and letting them know we were aware of what they were doing.”

“When my daughter told what occurred to me, she claimed they went out for breakfast in the morning and one of the boys begged her to lend him her phone charger, which she did.”

“After they finished eating, the boy called her room and told her to come to get her charger.

“She went to get her charger there.”

“As soon as she entered the room, one of them advised her to get her charger from the toilet.

“They told her to take medicine when she went to the bathroom.”

“As a result, they were all inebriated.”

“She said she didn’t know what she was doing after that.”

“Please, Nigerians, I beg you to assist me since Chrisland is attempting to conceal this matter.”

“They’re trying to push us out of the way, and it’s affecting my daughter’s mental health.”

“Please, as a mother, I require assistance.

“I’m pleading with my fellow Nigerians to assist me.”

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