Christine Bermas scandal Photos and Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Christine Bermas scandal details

christine bermas scandal

Christine Bermas scandal Photos and Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Christine Bermas scandal details Christine Bermas, a newcomer to the industry, no longer feel self-conscious about shooting intimate sequences or exposing her skin in front of the cameras after a couple of sensual films for Vivamax. Observing them, on the other hand, is another matter.

“I just can’t look in the mirror… “I usually tell myself that I already understood what I did, so I don’t feel the need to watch,” she remarked during a virtual press conference for “The Island of Desire,” her latest film for the aforementioned digital streaming platform.

Christine Bermas scandal

Besides, she claimed, the latest films she worked on were more story-driven.

“I think I’ve gotten used to what I’m doing now. Of course, it was difficult at first. But, ultimately, I figured out how to only focus on the erotic sequences. “And the films I’ve made have always been about the plot and the performances,” she explained.

“The Island of Desire,” directed by Joel Lamangan, is about a nurse named Martha (Christine) who is posted to a regional health office on a secluded island. She befriends the locals, especially Leloy (Sean de Guzman), a motorcycle rider with whom she falls in love.

Christine Bermas scandal details

However, when Martha spends more time on the island, she begins to notice weird phenomena, including a cult led by an abusive leader.

The former member of the pop group Belladonnas, who is 19 years old, is well aware that she still has a lot of space for improvement. That’s why she welcomes any positive and negative comments on social media about herself and her performances.

“I warmly welcome them.” I value positive feedback. “However, I try to embrace the negative ones as well, because some of them are useful,” she added.

“Reading these remarks sometimes allows me to better assess myself and makes me aware of things I need to alter or things I can still improve,” she added.

Onset, Direk Joel is known for his strictness. Christine emphasized, however, that working with the filmmaker was never daunting for her.

“I’ve been chastised, but that’s because he wants you to demonstrate what you already know you’re capable of. I didn’t feel threatened. She admitted, “I was apprehensive about doing my job as an actress and delivering what was required.” “It’s all about respect,” says the narrator.


Christine Bermas scandal Photos and Video Goes Viral on Twitter and Reddit, Christine Bermas scandal details hqdefault
Christine Bermas scandal Photos and videos

In fact, Christine appreciates all of Direk Joel’s suggestions in between takes.

Joel warned Christine and the new crop of gorgeous stars, “Dapat hindi lang katawan ang puhunan.” “Talent is also required.” You must study to improve your acting in order to stay in this field for a long time. They won’t stay young indefinitely.” “However, I enjoy working with these young performers since they are talented in their field. He pointed out that if they focus on their craft and continue to be nice people, they will have a bright future ahead of them. Christine agreed with Direk Joel, saying that the best investment she can make right now is to improve her acting skills.

“‘Di lang dapat pagpapakita ng katawan,” says the narrator. You can’t keep doing sexy tasks indefinitely. “I want to keep learning,” she stated. “And if I can do my job with confidence, I believe I’ll have a better chance of continuing in the business.”

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