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Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Isabelle Morini-Bosc >

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video

VIDEO: Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked On Twitter, Reddit & Youtube, Isabelle Morini-Bosc Benjamin Castaldi, and his entire team came for the final TPMP event of the season this Thursday, July 7. Magali Berdah seemed really lively on the set. A scenario that consistently elicited responses from online users. When the columnist is accused of drinking alcohol, the networks view it as a reflection of her position. You may learn anything about MCE TV! Follow more updates onย Newsminatii.in

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video

Itโ€™s a done deal! Even the summer gave way to TPMP. Benjamin Castaldi and his group of columnists, therefore, assembled for the der of the ders this Thursday, July 7.

a chance for the former host of Secret Story to open up to the audience. And this time, the husband of Aurore Aleman told a live anecdote about Matthieu Delormeau.

The father of Simon, Julien, Enzo, and Gabriel made a point of mentioning the occasion when he welcomed the former NRJ 12 star. He informed me right away that there was only one week left. Two, three, or even a monthโ€ฆ Finally, he stayed with me for six months during which time I fed, cleaned, and sheltered him.

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked on twitter

I posted it, and Iโ€™ll continue as follows: He borrowed my automobile. Then I let him into my refrigerator. Itโ€™s a fact that he has never done the shopping. Even though the TPMP journalist didnโ€™t spend any money while he was there, he nevertheless remembered to give his host a kind present.

He presented me with a weekend certificate for a hotel in Deauville, where I owned a villa. I appreciate you, Matthieu Delormeau. A meal in a Deauville restaurant is still very much worth six months in a 300-square meter apartment in Parisโ€™ 8th arrondissement.

There is no doubt that the TPMP columnists are close friends both on and off the set. MCE TV explains more!

Chroniqueuse Ivre tpmp video leaked on Reddit

However, this was not the only aspect of the last TPMP that generated interest, even in the summer. Indeed, a columnistโ€™s actions astounded spectators as well.

Magali Berdah struggled to contain her laughter as Benjamin Castaldi greeted everyone at the table.

a calamity that struck without warning. Outrage over this spread rapidly. The cause? Her coworkers speculated that she had consumed alcohol prior to arriving at TPMP.

a circumstance that some find unacceptable. The agent of the stars was so entitled to many comments on social media. Magali Berdah has been described as being โ€œdead broke,โ€ โ€œshe laughs crazily nonstop for two minutes, she had to empty the mini bar in the changing rooms,โ€ and โ€œMagali Berdah drank before shooting the show or what? โ€œ, among other things.

However, there are other phrases that go along with it, such as โ€œTipsy a bit no, Mag? โ€œ, โ€œFrankly I hallucinate to see columnists absolutely drunk like that on TV,โ€ and โ€œShe must be drunk,โ€ and โ€œCompletely intoxicated, hallucinating.โ€

Therefore, even over the summer, Magali Berdahโ€™s position on the TPMP set was not universal. Weโ€™ll have to wait and see if she will talk about her fits of laughter.


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