Co-Stars Roger E Mosley And Fans Temember Magnum PI Actor

Ch-a Mosley later revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that he had died in a car accident on Thursday, Aug. 4, at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. According to reports, Mosley was seriously injured in the crash and was paralyzed from the shoulder down. All three of his children, Toni Laudermick, and his partner survived.

Mosley’s daughter Ch-a Mosley posted on Facebook: “At 1:17 am, my father, your buddy, ‘Coach Mosley’ and Roger E. Mosley ‘TC’ from Magnum PI passed away. He was quietly overtaken, surrounded by relatives.” She continued: “Such a great man will never be mourned. Any wailing in his honor would terrify him. Now is the time to remember what he left for us all. Time for an inheritance. I cherish you Dad. You dote on me too. Although my heart is heavy, I am strong. Your love for nearly 60 years, mom, will be taken care of by me. Thanks to the way you raised me , she’s in wonderful hands. Relax.”

Ch-a Mosley previously said on Facebook that he was involved in a car accident: “My father Roger E. Mosley was seriously injured in a car accident last week, leaving him paraplegic from the shoulder. Despite his serious condition, he is brave We’re doing everything we can to take care of him right now. Plus, he’s regularly attending with family and friends.”

Tributes pour in after Mosley’s death

Writer and performer Tina Andrews recalled that Mosley said: “The dark days of 83-year-old Roger E. Mosley on the show Magnum PI actor ‘TC’ have transitioned.” He was in a car accident over the weekend and was surrounded by family. What a nice man and a talented actor, he had a great party. Rest in peace Roger. We will miss you and how much we will love you.” On the TV show “Magnum” PI”, Shavarros, who played Mosley’s son “Bryant,” tweeted: “Mr. Roger E. Mosley, the great actor, rests in peace. I watched Moss as a kid. Mr. Leigh plays tennis at Poinsettia Park in West Hollywood, CA. Like family, he is. His son Kobe is a great character I played on Magnum PI, my thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Mosley’s family, friends With the supporters.”

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