Home Entertainment ‘Come to Udinese Ronaldo’ Italian club send cheeky invitation to Cristiano Ronaldo

‘Come to Udinese Ronaldo’ Italian club send cheeky invitation to Cristiano Ronaldo


‘Coming to Udinese!’: Italian club brazenly invited Cristiano Ronaldo to Serie A after start of season…as they jokingly offered the Manchester United star a way out on social media Rufford’s way out

  • Udinese invites Cristiano Ronaldo to club on Twitter
  • Goalkeeper Marco Silvestri jokingly asks for his autograph for the first time
  • The Italian club has started the season well, finishing third in the standings
  • Ronaldo has only started one Premier League game for Manchester United this season

Udinese have taken advantage of their meteoric start to the season to have the audacity to ask Cristiano Ronaldo if he would like to join the club.

Friulian’s side are currently third in the Serie A table with 16 points from five draws in their opening seven games.

Andrea Sottil’s players want to keep it that way for the rest of the season in a bid for European football and use their good form to suggest Ronaldo a move to Italy – by goalkeeper Marco · Marco Silvestri starts.

Serie A side Udinese jokingly asks Cristiano Ronaldo to join club on Twitter account

Goalkeeper Marco Silvestri first asks Ronaldo to join Udinese

Silvestri responded to a post on Instagram discussing Ronaldo’s ambitions, tagging the Manchester United star and asking him to join Udinese.

The club then followed up on their goalkeeper’s request by posting images of the Instagram discussion on their Twitter account, adding some cheeky emoji and supporting Silvestri’s invitation.

The Portuguese legend has spent much of the summer trying to find a way out of Old Trafford but several big clubs have lost interest in signing him in his search for the Champions League.

The Manchester United star has been struggling to get game time in Eric Ten Haag’s new attacking style

Instead, the 37-year-old has stayed at Old Trafford and has had a poor start to the season. Started just one Premier League game and played just a fraction of United’s current four-game winning streak.

His only goal of the season so far was last week’s Europa League win over Tiraspol Sheriff – Ronaldo’s first of the competition.

Manchester United boss Eric Ten Haag has opted for a more dynamic attack this season, using Marcus Rashford, Anthony Martial and even Christian Eriksen ahead of Ronaldo. The five-time Champions League winner is trying to get himself back into the first XI team.

Udinese have been one of Serie A’s surprise packages so far this season, losing just one game

These current struggles have not discouraged Ronaldo, however, who has rejected claims the World Cup will be his last major tournament and said he plans to represent Portugal at Euro 2024.

Udinese, meanwhile, have been one of the stories in Serie A so far this season, losing just one game and unsettling some of the league’s biggest names.

They thrashed Roma 4-0 earlier this month and 3-1 Inter Milan last weekend.



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