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Community, the movie.. some day… » Olite community

Community fans who have long hoped for a further instalment, got good news recently when creator Dan Harmon offered the most concrete update yet.

“There is an outline for it,” he told Newsweek. “There’s a product put together and pitched out in the world. I guess that’s how real it is.”

“That’s probably enough that’ll make people mad when [there’s nothing] a year from now. It still doesn’t mean there’s going to be a movie tomorrow. It means there is definitely going to be one.

“The fan that Instagrams every day about Community, how can you tell them, ‘Yes, it’s definitely going to happen, but it may be between one and eight years from now’ — which is how the industry works, especially when you factor in pandemics and whatnot,” Harmon continued. “It just feels like psychological torture, from a fan’s perspective, to keep looking into the backseat of a station wagon and saying, ‘Who wants McDonald’s?’ And to just keep driving down the freeway. I don’t want to be guilty of causing that sensation. It just takes so long sometimes.”

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