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Anime character models are very popular recently and are loved by many people. This model simulates the characters in the most vivid animations. When it comes to models, Attack on Titan Alan Yeager cannot be ignored. This is the protagonist of the anime series Attack on Titan. This character develops at full strength as he fights, and life is full of changes. He therefore he is loved by the fans. If he’s interested in Alan Yeager’s model, he can’t ignore the action in the article below.

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Attack on Titan model Alan Yeager

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Eren Yeager is the name of a character from the anime Attack on Titan. Eren Yeager is a member of the Scouts, the only son of Grisa and the adoptive brother of the Titan, Carla Jaeger. Alan Yeager was born and raised in Shiganshina and lived until 845. Alan Yeager’s hatred for the titan intensifies when he sees his mother killed by a laughing titan. So he entered the army training class and joined the Scout Corps after graduation.

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Alan Yeager has many forms, the human form is a young man of medium height. His face is beautiful, the eyes are green, but the eyebrows are often wrinkled. Short dark brown hair, slightly tanned skin. As for clothing, Alan Yeager always wore the Scout Army uniform. This is a dark brown tunic with a beige shirt. The belt, pants, and shoes are also brown, mostly because the character always wears a straw ring with a key. In Titan form, Alan Yeager is extremely impressive looking. He is 15 meters tall and has thick hair. His tongue and ears are also longer than usual, his nose is high, and his eyes are deep-set. His mouth is irregularly shaped and jagged teeth prevent words from being pronounced correctly. His teeth are visible without lips and cheeks. Alan Yeager fought very well when he became a titan. Therefore, many anime fans like to hug this character.

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