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With the release of The Girl From Plainville on Netflix, fans are eager to learn more about Conrad Roy’s real-life death. The Girl From Plainville, starring Elle Fanning and Colton Ryan, launched on Hulu on March 29, 2022, explores the relationship of Massachusetts teenagers Michelle Carter (Elle Fanning) and Conrad Henri Roy III (Colton Ryan). The eight-part series, which is based on journalist Jesse Baron’s 2017 Esquire article of the same name, follows the events leading up to Roy’s death in 2014 and a trial in which Carter was accused of involuntary manslaughter.

Conard Henry Roy III was an American teenager who died by suicide at 18. Born in 1995 in Massachusetts, Henry was socially anxious. He was an all-around high school athlete who ran track, played baseball, and rowed crew. After graduating with a 3.8 GPA, the teen boy was accepted to Fitchburg to study business but he decided not to go. On another hand, Michelle Carter was 1996 born.

Carter had been on prescription psychiatric medication from the age of 14 and even visited counseling at a hospital in Belmont. As per reports, Roy and Carter met in 2012 in Florida when they had visited their relatives. Carter and Roy started exchanging texts and calls. Since both of them had a history of mental health issues and were on prescribed antidepressants, they connected well. At the beginning of their relationship, Carter had suggested that Roy seeks treatment for his anxiety and depression.

Let us add that Conrad Roy had tried committing suicide earlier as well. Earlier, Carter sent Roy texts like “Please do not harm yourself”, “What is harming yourself going to do?” and more. However, Carter’s attitude towards Roy’s suicidal ideation took a turn. The 17-year-old girl started sending him messages like “I’ll stay up with you if you want to commit suicide”, “You can not keep pushing it off, that is all you keep doing”. On July 13, 2014, Conrad Roy died by suicide as he poisoned himself with carbon monoxide fumes in his truck in a Kmart parking lot in Fairhaven, Massachusetts.

Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in Roy’s death on June 16, 2017. The prosecution used Carter’s texts to play her role in Roy’s suicide. According to the court, Roy had broken the “chain of self-causation” toward his suicide when he left his truck, but it was Carter’s encouragement to return to his truck that led to his death. On August 3, 2017, Carter was sentenced to two and a half years in jail and five years of probation.

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