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Contraceptives: What A Doctor Twitted That People Should Not Believe The Lies About Postinor-2



A doctor twitted that taking Postinor-2 does not infect or destroy the womb and that it does not lead to infertility. He said that Postinor-2 only prevents me and does not destroy the womb in any way.

He also said that Postinor-2 should not be used more than once in a month because it can affect menstrual cycle and make it irregular.

He further went on to say that when we scare women with lies on the medication that prevents pregnancy, they will not take it, they will get pregnant and this will resort to unsafe abortions that may kill them. And the same people saying all the lies about the drug would mock young women when they get pregnant from believing the trash.

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Below are the screenshot of what he said: