Corbin Bleu Says HSM:TM:TS Character Isn’t His Real Persona

You’re going to need to getcha head in the game for this one.

Yes, Corbin Bleu is playing himself on season three of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, but the on-screen Corbin isn’t exactly like the real-life actor. The High School Musical alum explained this to E! News in an exclusive chat, in which he revealed that the HSM:TM:TS Corbin is a “jaded” version of himself.

“With any performer who has come across some form of success or fame, there are certain paths that you’re able to go down,” he explained. “Everyone experiences the same thoughts or the same emotions and the same feelings, it’s just how do you act upon them? What are the choices that you make from them? And in this version of Corbin, I think that he didn’t necessarily take to it as well as real-life Corbin has.”

As Corbin detailed, his character has “put up a bit of a wall” and is “really jaded” following the success of Disney’s OG High School Musical franchise. But, don’t expect this somber version of Corbin to be rude, as the actor assured E! News that his on-screen persona is “still extremely nice.”

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