Couple Gets Slammed As White Bride Leads Black Groom Video Goes Viral On Social Media

Couple Gets Slammed As White Bride Leads Black Groom

WATCH: Couple Gets Slammed As White Bride Leads Black Groom Video Goes Viral On Social Media: A video is creating a buzz on social media and becoming the topic of the town. People are talking over the internet to put their views on the ongoing viral video in which a newly married couple is being seen. If you are wondering why this video is aging so much attention from the people across the social media. We tell you that the couple which is being seen in the viral video is an interracial couple. Matter picked up speed not because of their interracial relationship but for something else. To know what is in the video and why it is gaining so much people’s interest on social media. Kindly look at the paragraphs of this article to get an insight into the trending matter. Follow More Update On

The couple was blasted after a strange video from their marriage ceremony that displayed an apparent black man leash on the ground while his apparent white wife escorting him. This strange celebration of the couple went viral on social media. People are backlashing the bride who is in the video for her husband’s dog leash. People are condemning the celebration style of the family for making the groom a dog on his marriage day. Keep reading this article to learn who are the bride and groom in the video.

According to the reports, this wedding video originated from Gallatin, Tennessee where the couple got married a few days back. As per the sources, this viral video was first shared on TikTok and it is roaring on the platform since 2nd April 2022. By the time of publishing this article this video has been viewed by millions of users and had crossed 345,000 views on Tiktok. Now it has also taken over other major social media platforms such as Twitter, Reddit, and Instagram. Keep reading this article to know who pushed this video on social media.

This controversial video was first uploaded by a user of TikTok available with the username @Tenneggee. That user captioned the clip, “The Alexander Wedding on 2nd April”. In the video, the groom can be seen crawling just like a canine. Moreover, the groom also mimicked the dog and stick out his tongue. Reportedly, many social media consumers took it seriously and remarked it racist act. While this is just an unconventional traditional celebration. Stay tuned to this page for more such trending information.

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