Courtney Tailor Christian’s onlyf murder video Leaked & Viral on Twitter, Reddit and Youtube

Courtney Tailor Christian video leaked

Courtney Tailor Christian onlyf murder video Leaked & Viral on Twitter, Reddit, and Youtube Disturbing video purportedly depicting Courtney Clenney beating Christian Obumseli in an elevator just one month before his murder has

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surfaced. As the investigation into Obumseli’s April 3 death continues, Clenney, 25, also known as Courtney Tailor on social media, was apprehended in Hawaii on Wednesday. She was seen sobbing in a messy mugshot.

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Courtney Tailor Christian onlyf murder video

According to Local10, the new footage was taken inside a private elevator and depicts Clenney repeatedly hitting Obumseli, sometimes in the head.

Obumseli attempted to shove her away, but it appears that Clenney was the primary attacker.

The little film, which lasted around a minute, was aired during a press conference on Thursday.

After being detained in Hawaii earlier this week, Clenney is anticipated to be flown back to South Florida, where Obumseli was killed earlier this year.

Courtney Tailor Christian Video viral on Twitter

After killing her lover with a knife in their apartment, Clenney was arrested and transported to a mental hospital.

Her defense attorney Frank Prieto confirmed her arrest on Wednesday afternoon after she initially claimed self-defense, according to the Miami Herald.

We were helping with the inquiry and offered to voluntarily turn her up if she was charged, so I’m utterly stunned, said Prieto.

According to Local10, both Clenney and Obumseli allegedly had a history of domestic violence and other problems.

Courtney Tailor Christian Viral Video Reddit

According to reports, security at the apartment complex where they lived had records of several occurrences involving the two.

Clenney reportedly kicked Obumseli out of their apartment after the pair split up in March, but their relationship started back up in early April.

When a bond forfeiture demand for Clenney’s arrest was issued in Travis County, Texas, on July 1, Her bond was set at $8,000 when she was first arrested in Texas on September 16, 2020, for operating a vehicle while intoxicated.

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