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Crackhouse Comedy Club Perempuan Hina Islam Acara Ttdi….


Sometimes, a clubhouse comedy can spread quickly. It happens frequently that comedians will offend a certain group of feelings, which will lead to complaints against them. In many instances, the comedians leave the situation and continue to act as if nothing happened, but situations can deteriorate. If the government intervenes and takes a position. As a result of their remarks and the serious jokes. They tell, comedians have accused in a number of cases. In one such instance, a comedian insulted religious sensitivities in Malaysia, and as a result, many were angry. When a video of a woman standing in the middle and making jokes. And passing along comments about religion went viral, Ch filed a police report. Follow For More Updates at Worldrapiddnews.com

The TDI Crackhouse Comedy Club Video Banned a Woman

Despite being a Muslim herself, the woman in the video heard making remarks that offend Islam’s religious sensibilities. The viewers and others who repeatedly watched it found the film and the comments or jokes passed insulting. The woman overheard passing or cracking jokes about the feelings of Islam. It is obvious that both the woman in the video and the religious authorities insulted them. The gathering place was Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. People seen taking offense at the jokes because the video got popular on the internet. The woman was performing at the TTDi Crackhouse Comedy Club in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. When the club’s management took drastic action by banning the comedian after the video went viral online. She will also no longer be appearing at club events.

An explanation for a woman’s exclusion from TTDi Crackhouse Comedy Club

On the other side, CH also issued a statement. In which they expressed their strong condemnation of the activities propagated and everything spoken by the woman. As well as the police’s efforts to remove the video. Though the video is no longer accessible, screenshots are still widely available. The case prolonged to the point that the Minister of the Prime Minister’s Department for Islamic Religious Affairs, Datuk Idris Ahmad, stated. That they will urge the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission to take action against the film if they found anything offensive in it. He added that if they uncover anything unpleasant relating to religious feelings. They will take action against the person in the video.

Crackhouse Comedy Club Perempuan Hina Islam Acara Ttdi…. download 20 2

According to Minister Idris, the state’s religious authorities would be notified. The woman seen donning both modest attire and a headscarf. On the other side, the video showed the woman making a joke before taking off her hijab, shirt, and other clothing. The woman is believed to have memorized 15 surahs from the Quran and is knowledgeable about them. But her behavior was inappropriate. She was revealed to wearing a sexy outfit after the material was taken off. And she then said crude things about religion. The audience observed celebrating when the video was taken down.


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