Cristiano Ronaldo jr death? WHats happened really?

Twitter was awash with rumors about the death of Brazilian soccer superstar Ronaldo Jr. after a car accident in Italy on Tuesday night. Many who commented on the tweet thought it was true and wept for the superstar athlete. However, Portuguese and Brazilian officials later confirmed that the 25-year-old Ronaldo was still alive.

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Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother? The Portuguese footballer, current Manchester United player and one of the greatest exponents of football, became a father for the first time in 2010 when Cristiano Ronaldo Jr was born and was the first to follow in his footsteps and even train as a professional. But who is the biological mother of the child?

How many children does Cristiano Ronaldo have?

The soccer player, considered one of the best players in history, did not share much information about who Cristiano Jr.’s mother was, although at the time he said that he would only meet his son when he was a little older. talk about it

“When Cristiano (Jr.) grows up, I will continue to tell him the truth because he deserves it, because he is my son, but I will not say it because people want me to say it”, Cristiano in the comments, he commented on the documentary “Ronaldo” , which premiered in 2015. That time, he said mysteriously, he would tell you “what I did, how I felt, all in my head.”

Who is Cristiano Ronaldo’s eldest son?

“When he thinks it’s time, I’ll tell him. I don’t know, (when) 10, 11, 12?” Said the footballer in the same shot.

“People speculated that he was with this or that girl, or that he had a surrogate mother. I never told anyone, and I never will,” he added.

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