Dallas Salon Shooting Suspect Jeremy Smith Killed 3 Women

Smith, 37, allegedly shot and killed three Korean-American women, including the salon owner, stylist, and clients, at the Hair World Salon near Koreatown in northwest Dallas on May 11. The gunman fired a .22-caliber rifle at the victim about 13 times, according to the warrant affidavit, NBC reported. The women were released after being hospitalized with gunshot wounds. Smith was held on $700,000 bail after being arrested by Dallas police on May 16, CBS reported. The Dallas County District Attorney’s Office announced the indictment on Tuesday, Aug. 9, which includes seven counts of aggravated assault with a dangerous weapon, each of which aggravates a hate crime and carries sentences of five to 99 years, according to the Associated Press. imprisonment. It is believed that Smith chose the complainant because of his bigotry or prejudice against Asian Americans.

According to an earlier AP article, Smith’s fiancée reportedly told authorities that he had been delusional about Asian Americans since a car accident with an Asian man two years ago. She claims he was admitted to a number of mental health facilities due to delusions. The woman claims he came to believe that Asian thugs were after him or trying to harm him. She also mentioned that he lost his job for verbally abusing his Asian boss.

After the incident, Smith was seen in security footage running back to his four-wheeler Honda Odyssey minivan with an “assault-style gun.” Police are currently investigating the incident.

Anti-Asian American Violence

Six of the eight people who will be shot at massage parlors in and around Atlanta in 2021 are Asian women, according to the Associated Press. Jose Gomez III, a 21-year-old Texas man, has been sentenced to 25 years in prison for assaulting an Asian family in 2020 because he believes they are Chinese and responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic.

A California-based nonprofit called the Asia Pacific Islander Equality Coalition compiled reports of 10,370 hate crimes that occurred between March 2020 and September 2021. The study shows data on hate crimes, including 4,599 cases in 2020 and 5,771 in 2021.

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