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Dancehall Legend Jamaican DJ Merciless’s Was Ill Just Before Passing Away


Leonard Bartley, a famous ballroom performer from Jamaica, has died. On July 1, the 51-year-old DJ celebrated his birthday. His body was reportedly found in a room on Tuesday, July 19, by hotel staff along Lyndhurst Road at the St Andrew’s Harlem Resort in Jamaica.

In addition, the relentless alias Warhead reportedly arrived at the hotel alone and expressed discomfort. However, the official cause of his death remains unknown.

Born in 1971 in the Turner community of Chapelton, Jamaica, Merciless first rose to fame through his work with sound systems before releasing his debut album Lend Out Mi Mercy in 1994. His pop album “Mr. Merciless” was released a year later. According to HITC, his song Mavis was the most popular reggae single in Jamaica in 1995, and he also has major singles such as “Mama Cooking”, “Gal Gizada”, and “Ole Gallis” and “God Alone”.

In addition, Merciless has collaborated with notable musicians including C-Murder, Lil’ John, Tall Pree, and Aaron Hall. Despite a strained relationship with Bounty Killer, the two collaborated on the 2000 single “No One Cares.”

Following his untimely death, many paid tribute to him on social media, with one admirer tweeting: “RIP DJ Merciless. My sympathies go out to your family during this difficult time.” I am so saddened by the news of the passing of DJ #Merciless,” said the second. He was very close to me. When we used to meet him, it was always full of laughter and anecdotes. He insisted that I handle his publicity. Never happened. RIP 🙏.”

‘RIP is relentless. A third wrote that we lost a legendary DJ. Wow, surprised to hear that, the fourth said. RIP Merciless, one of my favorite DJs at the time. A fifth said: “Relentless is also the first to kill three DJs at once. Sleep well, bad DJ!”

“Relentless, great ballroom/recording/live performer/DJ, sadly passed away unexpectedly. Merciless deserves respect for all he has done for ballroom and Jamaican music. With SIEP’s “Warring Don from Clarendon”, a tweet said Lovers Magic to “quench your thirst for music”. Sad news…Dancehall lost yesterday, another tweet said. Leonard Bartley, known by his stage name “Relentless”, is an active fighting artist. Rest in peace, King Zion!

“DI WARRING DON from Clarendon…BADDA DAN BIN LADEN AN DI TALIBAN!” someone said. Relentless greatness, rest in peace! Included ballroom in my upbringing! Ballroom legend! The legacy continues! !

Another commented: “Merciless is the only DJ to mix three DJs at the same time on Sting! Ninja, Bounty, and Beanie. This is the first time anyone has done this in a ballroom; it’s truly historic.” “I want to pay tribute to one of Jamaica’s best reggae performers, Merciless, who died yesterday in Kingston, Jamaica,” continued Zimbabwean journalist Hopewell Chin’ono. The heyday of reggae in the ’90s was 51. Merciless, whose real name is Leonard Bartley, first gained notoriety


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