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Former AFL coach Dani Laidley is getting ready to tell her story, with whispers of a TV project in the wind.

Laidley (pictured left) was a guest last night at Stan’s Drag Race Down Under premiere in Sydney.

“I’ve watched RuPaul since 2009, or 2010, I think it was. It’s always a fun show and it’s just great to be here.
we’ve seen bits.”

Asked about future projects giving her side of  gender dysphoria struggles, she said, “Stay tuned. That will unfold in a matter of time. I’ve got the book coming out soon and I’m doing some other stuff. So slowly, but surely, little steps at a time. But it’s just wonderful to be here on a night lke this.”

Laidley is also now finding life more relaxed, since headlines have subsided.

“It’s pretty cool. I’m spending a lot of time in Perth with my family, and my beautiful partner, Donna (Leckie). So we’re quite busy with your Donna’s work and some of the projects that I’m doing. So after all this time, we’re now starting to enjoy life.”

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