Daniel Laurie Parents Leslie Grantham And Jane Laurie?

After his stellar performance as a young man with Down syndrome in a BBC historical drama, all are speechless and ready to bid for the next award.

Daniel has already starred in TV shows including Stella, Vera and Finding Alice, so this isn’t his first acting.

His breakthrough role in “Calling the Midwife” established his promising acting career in 2022.

Daniel Laurie’s parents are actor father Leslie Grantham and mother Jane Laurie

His acting is excellent, but this undoubtedly stems from his parents and family that are related to his acting career.

Handsome “Oriental” actor Leslie Grantham is his father. From 1984 to 1989, the late actor played the role of the villainous Den Watts.

Before his 1982 debut, Grantham served ten years in various prisons for the murder of Felix Reese in Osnabrück, Germany.

German was shot dead by ex-British army who tried to rob taxi driver while in debt.

Despite his criminal record, the show business and audiences eventually embraced him because of his passion for the field. Due to his enduring role on the show, the Eastenders public expected more from his character Den Watts (aka Dirty Den).

As a result, Leslie continued to play his role even after a long time until the scandal brought him fame.

He died on June 15, 2018, at the age of 71, after a long battle with lung cancer. His IMDb says that his previous films will run through 2020.

However, Daniel’s mother Jane has also been an actress before, and her most recent film debut was in 1997. Jane’s IMDb page lists ten of her main TV characters.

Among her many important projects are “Dangerfield”, “Lytton’s Diary” and “The Last Place On Earth”.

Is the BBC actor’s family background Jewish?

It’s probably not surprising that Daniel Laurie comes from a remarkable family in the entertainment industry, and he’s not Jewish.

His late father, an Englishman, was born in Adelaide Flinders and Walter William Grantham in Camberwell, London.

But after divorcing Jane in 2013, the “Oriental” and “Bill” actors moved to Bulgaria. It wasn’t until June 2018 that he returned to the UK for cancer treatment.

Likewise, Daniel’s mother Jane is Australian and grew up in a wealthy family of wine merchants. She first met Leslie in 1977 at a stage school in London.

After 31 years of marriage, the couple divorced in 2013, with Leslie blaming his wife for the breakup, according to the Daily Mail.

The Grantham-Lowry family is not Jewish, as evidenced by Leslie and Jane’s multi-national ancestry.

Wikipedia: Actor Daniel Lowry in his 20s

Daniel, a well-known actor in Calling the Midwife, was born in London in 1995 and is now 26 years old.

Daniel’s natural Down syndrome diagnosis has been confirmed by The Sun, and his commitment to his role is another of his standout qualities.

Jane praised Leslie as an “amazing” dad in a 2006 Daily Mail interview. There are some difficult things in life, but it’s not one of them, Leslie added.

According to Jane, this happened when Daniel was only a few days old. Daniel’s older brothers Spike and Jack are both men.

In addition to being an actor and producer, Spike Lowry specializes in sports journalism. He works for ESL Gaming, an esports publication, as Vice President of Global Publisher and Developer Relations.

Jack is a producer and one of his 2013 films is King Lear. On the 2012 short film “The Shed”, he served as editor.

All three of the Grantham-Lowry sons took their mother’s surname, bringing them closer to her.

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