Darius Danesh’s Coma Caused By Water Consumption?

In 2017, Darius Danesh drank water from the Thames and fell into a coma, dangerously close to death. But by then he had recovered from the pain.

On August 11, he was found unconscious at his residence. He was later pronounced dead, but the exact cause of death remains unknown.

Was Darius Denish’s coma caused by drinking water?

On August 16, 2022, Darius Danesh’s family was pronounced dead. He was found unconscious in his Rochester, Minnesota, apartment on Aug. 11, according to a statement they released. In the afternoon, the local medical examiner pronounced him dead.

According to anecdotal reports, he drank water before falling into a coma. It is unclear whether his near-death experience after drinking water from the Thames led to his death.

According to the Mail on Sunday, the event took place in 2017 when the musician drank river water to demonstrate how a bottled filter from his company Fresh2o made it safe to drink.

He had meningitis and cerebral edema, a swollen brain, but didn’t realize his bottle’s filter was missing. He lay in bed for three months.

After his recovery, he starred in the famous West End musical “Funny Girls” with Sheridan Smith and Natasha J. Barnes. He has been in good physical condition since recovering from that incident.

Therefore, it is now impossible to determine what caused his death.

How is Darius Danesh’s health?

In 2017, Darius Danesh experienced a health scare. Meningitis and cerebral edema caused him to fall and go into a coma.

Fresh2o is his non-profit company founded to dig wells in Africa. Profits from portable water filters in bottles should be put to use. In order to raise funds to ship the water filter to Africa, they plan to make a demo video.

They thought he had a filter on his bottle, so they headed to a sewage outfall near the Thames, where they drank. In addition, 99.9% of the bacteria, germs and viruses in the water are removed by the filter.

He was able to raise the funds he needed and travel to Glasgow to celebrate his mother’s birthday. There he passed out and his father rushed him to the hospital.

Fortunately, they were able to diagnose him quickly and found that the inflammatory virus from the Thames was always present in his body. In tears, his mother said they almost lost him when he woke up from a coma.

Darius Danesh Disease Explained

Meningitis and cerebral edema were identified as disorders of Darius Danesh in 2017. He accidentally drank unfiltered water from the bottle.

He believed he was using a bottle with a filter, when in fact he was drinking Thames water. However, it’s just a presentation model without any filters.

Due to the contaminated water, he contracted an infection that nearly killed him. Fortunately, he survived that moment. But sadly, he passed away five years after the incident.

He currently does not have any known medical conditions. So it breaks hearts to learn that one of the jewels of the music industry passed away at the age of 41.

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