Dave Chappelle’s zodiac sign fuels need to cancel ‘woke’ America


Comedy – an art form that pushes boundaries at its best and helps people open their eyes to the different perspectives that exist in our world.

When it comes to one of the most successful and polarizing comedians of modern times, few can match the inimitable Dave Chappell.and Some of the best stand-up comedy specials of the 2010s Chappelle, 49, has been dubbed a mega-genius along with multiple shows on Netflix for his provocative social and political comments, often angering “sober” Americans’ feathers.

In his new show with comedian Chris Rock, he leads a very outspoken show against cancellation culture, staying defiant while stirring the pot.

So, what makes him such a fiery and intense figure? Is he going to burn the system or just want to go to the bank with a smile?Dive into his star with me because i’m a pop culture astrologer I can see it all.

Dave Chappelle has a Virgo Sun.

Dave Chappelle’s Birth Chart Shows Why He’s a Rebel

Dave Chappelle was born on August 24, 1973. This makes him a meticulous Sun Virgo with a moody Moon Cancer. When it comes to the elemental energies that make up his natal chart, he is primarily composed of earth and air. This means he is a doer – he will stubbornly put his energy into his ideas and goals. His smart and calculating side also keeps him focused on when he makes up his mind to do something, he’s there to win it. Before diving further into his natal chart, I would like to point out one more thing, his Mercury, which rules his communication, is in fiery Leo. He was bold, dramatic, and known for his drama. Oh Virgo energy is one of the most perceptive and critical of all signs, always looking at the people and world around them with a microscope.

Dave Chappell Constellation  Dave Chappelle’s zodiac sign fuels need to cancel ‘woke’ America dave chappelle performs 05
Dave Chappelle’s Moon is Cancer.

When I look at his birth chart, something interesting comes up. First, his Pluto, the planet of strength and dominance, joins his Ascendant. This means that people immediately see him as a shocking and powerful man, often for pushing boundaries. This is one of the things that makes him so polarizing – people love him and bow to him, otherwise they fear him and want to push him down.

Saturn, the eternal planet, is also united with his midheaven—or point of fame and career success. That means he’s supposed to be seen as an authority figure, but it could also mean he needs time to climb those heights. He’s certainly building a legacy, but some people will always find him cold, critical, cruel and mean. I guess it’s just part of the way the universe wants to build him!

When it comes to the astrological aspects that make up his birth chart, we can see several themes emerge. The first shouldn’t be surprising: Chappelle was made for rebellion. In fact, it was written repeatedly on his chart. His Mars, planet of drive, clashed with Jupiter, planet of expansion. This makes him a restless, independent and impulsive adventurer – reckless to the point of never thinking twice.

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Dave Chapelle’s birth chart reveals why he was so successful.
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So he also has a huge ego, almost to the point where he thinks he can’t go wrong once he’s made up his mind to do something. His Jupiter and Saturn are also connected to Pluto, which further amplifies his ruling nature. He thrives in transition and has enormous ambition and drive. He’s supposed to be a leader, but can sometimes tend to overcompensate for power and authority. That doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy by any means, but he’s someone who doesn’t back down from a fight, in fact he’s tougher when others try to bring him down.

His Sun, which rules his vitality, also dances with Mars, further enhancing his confidence and outgoing, insightful and outspoken temperament. On a final note, his Mercury rotates with Uranus, the planet of revolution and rebellion, further enhancing his vision and ability to think outside the box. He understands complex topics quickly, thinks freely, and breaks the rules.

He also often happens to be incredibly insightful, which further opens up his views on what life means and how he inspires it. Finally, to further enhance his ambition and power, his Sun also smiles at Saturn. This shows that he has the focus and focus to build a lifetime of achievements because he is not afraid to put in the work and fight to achieve them.

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New heights await Dave Chappelle.
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What is Dave Chappelle’s prediction?

So what’s the future for Mr. Chappelle? Let’s take a look. First, he will experience milestone eclipses of communications-related and media-related projects in 2022 and 2023. More specials, more shows, more stir-pans. Yes, there will be controversy, but he does it consciously. Then, to his delight and possibly dismay, he will see the highs and lows around his income and assets at the same time. There will be some big wins, but he’s definitely making changes in those areas as well.

In 2022, he also sees huge opportunities around partnerships – both personal and professional – that will continue into 2023. However, he is approaching Saturn opposition in late 2022 and 2023 – which will test his strength, presenting challenges he faces and karma forcing him to stand up more than before. These are not meant to hurt him, but to teach him how to be completely in tune with his own destiny, as he hopes to use his gifts to build a better world. You heard it here first.

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