Dear Women, Here Are What Men Will Look For Secretly Before Dating You

Each woman yearns to know what actually men need or what they might be looking for before dating a woman. This comes as a result of most of them being single for abnormal period of time. Being single is not that compromising but there’s always a limit. If you surpass it then you will start presuming of you being unwanted. This may turn out lowering your self esteem. As a woman, you need to know what actually men are looking for in a woman to date. They don’t just date blindly. They choose. Before wasting time till late 30’s, kindly save yourself by doing or having these.File:-LOVE-love-36983825-1680-1050.jpg - Wikimedia Commons  Dear Women, Here Are What Men Will Look For Secretly Before Dating You  LOVE love 36983825 1680 1050

Men love independent women. An independent woman will know what it really means to provide. Get an hustle. Don’t expect your man to come and get you dependent on your parents. Come out of your comfort zone and work. Sometimes it’s just good to pay your own bills by yourself. Not everytime will your man avail himself to support. Remember, he runs broke too Sunday at times have siblings and family to cater for. Don’t expect things to be laid on a silver platter. Wake up and get your own money. I can promise there’s nothing sweet like having your own money and spending it.

Men are looking for less clingy women. A clingy woman will be a hindrance on a man’s way to prosperity. Clingy women do block men’s destiny as all she wants is time, money and attention. Men to get busy moreso if he is the working type. You need to understand that men too need money. He needs time to focus with his life and maybe parents incase he has. You need to understand that not all time is your. He had to segregate it to the several people he has. You need to thank God that atleast he has time to think of you or probably call.

Men are looking for women they could present to their parents. Not all women are presentable before important people. That’s why most men will never marry learned and scholarly women. He will get his degree then ho back to the village to get a wife. Be modest in a anything you do. This begins from dressing. Don’t dress to expose your structures to people. No one needs to see them. Such a woman will be dated for fun. Men will play around then finally dump you. Be wise on your presentability.

Men are looking for women who can cook and submit themselves. Women have nowadays majored in scholarly work and beauty rather than training on simple domestic roles like cooking and making their men happy. A woman will sacrifice her life for studying and will never have time for the kitchen. This will affect your marriage in future. Submissiveness counts by a woman doing whatever the husband needs. He may need some food yet you don’t know how to prepare it. You will have messed him up. Train yourself to atleast cook and make some delicacies. It will help.

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