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Dentist Found Guilty Of Murdering Wife During 2016


A Denver, Colorado, court found 67-year-old big game hunter Lawrence Rudolph guilty and sentenced him to prison. The jury also found him guilty of mail fraud.

Bianca Rudolph and Lawrence seem to be the worst match. Their ideal vacation is hunting exotic wild animals. Rotten fuck. Of course, itโ€™s not a huge stretch to assume he shot her as well.

According to The Independent, Rudolph has been having an affair with his wifeโ€™s office assistant Lori Million.

Rudolph allegedly shot and killed his wife inside the cabin while traveling with Milliron, according to prosecutors. After that, he worked to get about $5 million from life and accidental death insurance plan in his wifeโ€™s name.

The accusation against Lawrence Rudolph

Lawrence Rudolph was a respected dentist and family member in Pittsburgh before killing his wife, according to Fox News. He enjoys hunting and often takes his family on safari and trekking trips in several African countries.

On October 11, 2016, Bianca Rudolph was killed near the end of a hunting trip in Zambia. Lawrence Rudolph asserts that Bianca accidentally fired a bullet after her actions caused the gun to fall. He claimed he was in the bathroom when the shooting was fired. Zambian officials ruled the death an accident.

However, U.S. officials were suspicious because of Lawrence Rudolphโ€™s suspicious behavior. According to Fox, he filed an insurance claim and traveled to Las Vegas with an unnamed woman before his wifeโ€™s funeral. Later that month, he went on to live with Lori Milliron.

Rudolph is working to speed up the cremation of his wife, according to Peopleโ€™s News. This led the head of the US consulate to think he might be trying to avoid an autopsy.

The FBI described the consul generalโ€™s response. Formal Grievance Instructions:

A witness claims Rudolph should admit to murder after the bartender observed Rudolph and Millillon arguing.

However, Rudolph refuted the charges against him in court. He said because his marriage was public and his relationship with Milliron would not lead to murder.

Milliron was found guilty of two counts of perjury, obstruction of justice, and accessory to murder. She faces up to 35 years in prison. It is possible that Lawrence Rudolph could live in prison.


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