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Depression Alone Doesn’t Cause Suicide, Check Out The Major Causes Of Suicide



It is very difficult to believe what can actually make a friend, a colleague, a family member, someone’s spouse or a celebrity to think of taking his or her life through suicide. It is also difficult most times to see a clear signs in the behavior or actions of the person that shows he or she is thinking about committing suicide.

There are so many factors that can make someone to take the decision that it is preferable to commit suicide than for him to keep on facing the Challenge, these factors includes:

1) Traumatic experience. Someone who have had traumatic experience in his or her life due to domestic abuse, childhood sexual rape, physical and mental assault, etc. Has a greater risk of suicide, this can take place even after many years of the experience.

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2) Chronic pain and illness. When someone is suffering from a chronic pain or illness and think there is no hope for that illness to be cured medically or spiritually. Suicide to this type of person is a way of deciding not to be suffering from the illness, a way to stop being a burden to his family and friends who want to help him get cured. Chronic pain which also can cause anxiety and depression, is capable of increasing someone’s high risk of suicide.

According to America Journal of Preventative Medicine, the list of the following health challenges is associated with high risk of suicide.

1) Brain injury.

2) Cancer.

3) Congestive heart failure or heart disease.

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4) Epilepsy.

5) High blood pressure.

6) Mental health.

7) Chronic debtor.

8) Thought of hopelessness and helplessness. This is when the individual has concluded that all hope is gone and help will not come from anywhere too.

3) Rejection. When someone has been Rejected by those he truly trust, believe and hoped to spend his or her life with, rejected them, the only decision on his mind is suicide simply to make the person have peace of mind and a better life, he thought that would save him from the shame caused by the rejection.

That’s why you read or have heard on the news that a man committed suicide because of his broken Relationship or because his woman cheated on him. You maybe thinking why should he take such decision just because of broken Relationship or cheating wife, is simply because he couldn’t bear it anymore and his best decision is suicide. You maybe thinking about depression, financial debt and many other things that can cause someone to think of suicide, but it should interest you to know that there are other things as listed in this article that have a high risk of pushing an individual to think of suicide too.

For you to save a friend from committing suicide, be Mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally close to him or her. This will help you to know much about their movement, their actions, words and decisions.