Deputy Andrew Peery Died In The Line Of Duty

A firefight claimed the life of their deputy, according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s Office. The units allegedly responded when shots were fired near Grand Boulevard and Ponderosa Drive. Officer Perry was tragically killed in the shootout as authorities were also involved.

RIP Lieutenant Andrew Peery, who died in the line of duty on Twitter – Tribute

El Paso County Sheriff’s Deputy Andrew Perry was involved in the shooting. Tragically, he was shot early on Sunday night and died in the line of duty. EPSO made a depressing announcement.

At 8:07 p.m., authorities tweeted the news of the officer’s passing. He was near Grand Boulevard and Ponderosa Drive at the time of the incident.

Residents nearby were warned to avoid looking out of their windows while legal police dealt with the incident. Fox 31 reported that the incident began around 5.33 pm

He has already answered about the Widefield shooting. Unfortunately, some neighbors saw 39-year-old deputy Andrew shot dead in the crossfire.

Who is Deputy Andrew Perry? Wikipedia information for the brave officer

The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office has lost a heroic 39-year-old officer, Andrew Peery, who was killed in the line of duty.

ESPO briefed their officers. He started working with the Sheriff’s Department in 2016. However, the officer does not yet have a Wikipedia biography.

The funeral of the late Deputy Sheriff will begin at 8.30 pm at the hospital where he was taken, EPCSO said via Twitter. The march will also pass through Nevada before reaching the coroner’s office and the Vermijo Sheriff’s Office.

Officer Andrew Peery Killer, shooter John Paz still at large

John Paz, 33, has been named by the county sheriff’s office as the gunman and is considered armed and dangerous. He has been named by the police as their deputy assassin and shooter. Police are still looking for him, but he remains at large.

Photos of him are circulating on social networking sites. Also, if you see him or know where he is, you will need to call 911 or 710-390-5555 for dispatch.

According to EPCAN, the man entered the home of his estranged wife and immediately began shooting. When police arrived at the scene and tried to speak to Paz, the deputy was shot and killed by Paz.

Condolences to Andrew Perry’s wife and family on Facebook

The wife and family of the late Lieutenant Governor Andrew Perry are receiving prayers and condolences from the entire department and the public. Internet users are using social media to pray for the brave officer’s family.

Peery’s death may cause family grief. A statement was also released expressing the Governor’s thoughts and sympathy for the family. However, the loss of their officers has also taken a huge toll on the state and sheriff’s offices.

In addition, the EPCSO has asked people to line up for their families on the street as the parade leaves Nevada Memorial Hospital, follow Vermijo Street to the Sheriff’s Office, cross Interstate 25, and then to the coroner’s office.

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