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Describe Social Media Platform To Rival Apple Music


With the launch of TikTok Music, TikTok, the most widely used short video sharing app, is poised to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. The app will now be more than just a video app, it has its own music player where users can enjoy the latest tunes, and the company is rumored to have filed for a trademark.

TikTokโ€™s parent company. In May 2022, ByteDance filed a trademark application with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

Possible Features of the TikTok Music Streaming App

According to sources, TikTok will soon allow users to download, play and even buy songs through its app. They can also use the app to create, share and recommend their own playlists, a feature similar to Spotify.

Additionally, the app will allow interactive programming of audio and video in the fields of entertainment, fashion, sports, and current affairs.

Additionally, it is rumored to have a facility to download mobile apps that offer podcasts and radio content. Users can comment on music and watch live audio and video through TikTok Music, which is unique. Users of the app can also find songs that are playing in the background. Itโ€™s important to note that TikTokโ€™s parent company, ByteDance, has already filed a similar patent and trademark application in November 2021.

The company has extensive experience in the music industry, as TikTok offers second-by-second streaming of various songs and music videos. Russo is a music streaming app released by ByteDance in countries such as Indonesia, Brazil, and India in 2020. According to the filing, Russo offers the same functionality as the planned music app.

Users of the app can make playlists and share them with their contacts and friends. They can also interact with the applicationโ€™s community through Russo. More interestingly, in Brazil, a button on TikTok takes users to Russo, where they can listen to the music they are interested in full.

Another feature very similar to Spotify and YouTube is Russoโ€™s TikTok-style scrolling interface, which displays recommendations based on a userโ€™s browsing history.

According to statistics published by The Information, as of November 2021, Russo had 40 million monthly users in Indonesia, Brazil, and India. The same figures also show a steep climb in India alone between January 2021 and January 2022.

Spotifyโ€™s growth of just 38% compared to Russoโ€™s staggering 304% growth underscores the stiff competition that Russo and Apple Music will face after the music releases.

Additionally, app tracker AppBrain reports that more than 100 million Russo downloads come from around the world. The music app will try to build its name in major markets such as the US and Europe, the sources said.


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