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Did Someone Use Your Phone Without Your Consent, Dial This Code To See What That Person Did



In this life, everyone needs privacy and that is the major reason why most phones comes with security. These security are in form of password, pattern, or pin, so people choose the one they prefer. Though it is difficult to hide your password from the people living around you because you do press your phone in their presence.

Sometimes, they might want to use your phone to watch videos, listen to music, and so on. Whenever someone use your phone and you want to check what the person did, most of them normally clear the apps they open and this will be difficult to find out. Do not panic, today, I bring to you what to do in order to know what someone did on your phone even though the person have already cleared the apps.

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This is very easy with the use of a special code. First thing you need to do is to open your phone and go to the dial app. After that, dial *#*#4636#*#* as if you wanted to load a recharge card.

This will then take you to a new menu, click on usage statistics since you want to specifically check how your phone was used in the latest times. After this, a menu will appears showing the latest apps opened on your phone.

There are also other things you can do with this code. You can also check your phone information, battery information, and WiFi information using this code.

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