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Did you know Jackie Chan’s son has no share in his father’s $130 million wealth, this is why



Did you know Jackie Chan’s son has no share in his father’s $130 million wealth


While it is a popular way or manner that a son or daughter of a popular and wealthy person, would gain enough wealth from his or her rich parent, well that’s not the case in Jackie Chan’s side.

Popular film actor Jackie Chan isn’t willing to let his son get any of his $130 million fortune.

Image above is that of Jaycee Chan, Jackie Chan’s son.

Well at first, Jackie Chan pledged half of his fortune to his son, but in October 2012, he revealed that all of his fortune would go for charity, but why?

Image above is that of Jackie Chan – left with his son Jaycee Chan.

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Jackie Chan believes in hard work

Jackie Chan believes hard work ins key to getting successful and not necessarily inheritance, he is of the opinion that if one knows the value of something, then he or she would work towards it.

Jackie Chan’s parents were civil war refugees, and he ( Jackie) began training in drama and martial arts at a tender age, starting his career as an actor at age 5, and growing to an award winning and iconic action choreographer, stunt performer, comedian. He has gained a lot of wealth, about $130 million.

So he truly started from bottom, and would not love his hard earned assets be wasted by his son.

In his words “if he ( Jaycee Chan ) is capable, he can make his own money, if he is not, then he will just be wasting my money”, he stressed the fact that the capability of a person to be successful lies in his or her hard work.

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Jackie Chan believes that if his son was successful in capitalizing on the advantages he has enjoyed through out his life, then he ( Jaycee ) would not need an inheritance from him ( Jackie ), but if vice versa, then his money would be wasted. So basically, Jaycee Chan has no share in his father’s wealth, because his father ( Jackie Chan ) is pledging all his wealth to charity, upon his death.

Jackie Chan is a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador, and he founded the Jackie Chan charity foundation.

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