Disney CEO Arrested For Human Trafficking

Bob Chapek Arrested: Disney CEO Arrested For Human Trafficking: Every shining thing hides behind its deep darkness and some prominent figures are like that. What comes first to your mind when you heard about Disney? Mickey mouse and favorite cartoon characters right? Disney has a special place in our hearts as it makes our childhood memories unforgettable and if we are not wrong everyone wants to visit Disney World. Disney is once again in the news but this time for the wrong reasons. In accordance with several reports, Disney CEO Bob Chapek is disputing with Gov. Ron DeSantis over a new law that restricts lessons o s**ual orientation and gender identity in Florida schools. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Disney CEO Bob Chapek Arrested

Chapek wants state leaders to revoke the law criticized as “don’t say gay,” directing DeSantis and Republican leaders to condemn the firm as “woke” and explore removing its special status that permits it to operate as its own government. Among all of the headlines about Chapek, there is at least one story out there that is significantly inaccurate. An Instagram post shared a screenshot of a news article along with a headline reads that “CEO of Disney detained for human trafficking”.

Bob Chapek Arrested For Human Trafficking

Below the headline is a picture of Chapek, and the 1st paragraph of the story wrongly asserts he was apprehended at his house in Southern California for charges of trafficking a kid across state lines and being in possession of child po**ography. The post has sagged as part of the efforts of Facebook to combat false news and misinformation on its News Feed.

Our team searched for a link to the article and discover it uploaded on the website of the Vancouver Times. But there is just one big issue: the Vancouver Times explains itself as a satirical website. That clearly means the article is not, in fact, true. Plenty of fact-checks has debunked the assertion about Chapek. Chapek has apologized for not taking a more forceful stand against the Florida bill…The firm has also paused all political donations in the state.

Chapek stated in a letter to employees that “I am committed to this work and to you all, and will continue to involve with the LGTBQ+ community so that I can become a better ally.” There is no proof whatsoever that Chapek was detained for the charge of human trafficking. If we get any kind of authentic claim regarding this we will update this section, till then stay tuned with getindianews for the more latest news from throughout the world.

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