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DJ Bliss Wife Danya Mohammed Is A Beauty Blogger


Danya Mohammed debuts Netflix’s ‘Dubai Bling’ series alongside her husband DJ Bliss. She is also well known in the corporate world and on YouTube, where she has a huge following.

Marwan-Al-Awadhi, better known by his stage name DJ Bliss, was shown to be good friends with Ebraheem Al Samadi in the episode “Dubai Bling”, and he could offer the latter some guidance on his romantic relationship.

Viewers were quickly drawn to Marwan Mohammed’s wife, Danya Mohammed, commonly known as Diva Dee, when the artist went to see a plastic surgeon to prevent problems and possibly gain synthetic six-pack abs . During this time, the artist also met Danya Mohammed.

Due to her participation in the truth show, which seems to have contributed to her notoriety, the social media celebrity’s followers are actually eager to learn more about her, especially the nature of her relationship with her partner. Let’s find out.

Danya Mohammad

quick information

fully recognized Danya Mohammad
Profession Businesswoman, Reality TV Star and Youtuber
Delivery dates March 31, 1983
age 39 years old
Race United Arab Emirates
husband DJ Bliss
teenager 2
identified as bling dubai
zodiac sign Aries

Who is DJ Bliss’ spouse, Danya Mohammed?

Danya Mohammed is a full-fledged artist of Emirati descent, spouse of DJ Bliss. They have been married for several years. Danya is known for her work as Diva Dee, a YouTuber and Instagram personality related to makeup and beauty. She has amassed a huge following through every platform.

She admits that starting her YouTube career was inspired by her husband, who was already known for his daily vlogging.

In addition to being a content producer, Danya is an endorsement model for many different brands, including Gaffe Studios, Gucci, Mahallati Jewelry and Bambini Fashions. She was a viewer on many different TV shows before becoming a member of the Netflix reality series.

She needs to challenge herself and be inspired to take action by DJ Bliss’ passion for content creation. So she started making movies for her YouTube channel in January 2019 and has been working to raise the bar for them.

The reality TV actress started out making travel-related vlogs, but quickly pivoted to focus on the makeup and confectionery industries due to her insatiable curiosity in these fields. She graduated in January 2017 and shared a photo on social media of herself delivering a commencement speech.

According to the program’s official website, maintained by NYC Abu Dhabi, the program offers unique undergraduates studying at three of the best U.A.E. universities with a program specially designed for them.

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Relationship Timeline & Young Adults

In March 2015, Danya and DJ Bliss exchanged wedding vows in front of 600 companies, of which Danya only knew about 50 companies. The couple are overjoyed at the rewards of parenthood as they deeply love their two amazing children, Zayed and Meera.

She is fulfilled as a mother who is actively caring for her children. Zayed’s birthday is September 2022, when he will be 4 years old.

The fully satisfied family enjoys spending time together and cooperates in many exciting activities. DJ Bliss debuted his single “Hala Walla” at an academic event attended by Shaggy, Daffy and Flipperachi.

Nice Eddy and Marwan co-wrote the song “Danya (Eminado)”, which the musician wrote for his wife and debuted on October 26, 2022, much to the artist’s delight.

In addition to being the proud owner of SELEKT, the singer is also the owner of Bliss Inc Leisure and Karak Inc Eatery. As part of 411 Nights, he performs once a week at Blu Dubai, Dubai’s famous nightclub. Thanks to Danya and his efforts, each of their respective YouTube accounts are frequently updated with contemporary films.

DJ Bliss and Danya married in 2015  DJ Bliss Wife Danya Mohammed Is A Beauty Blogger DJ Bliss and Danya got married in 2015 253x300

DJ Bliss and Danya married in 2015

How much does DJ Bliss Internet cost?

Estimates put DJ Bliss’ net worth at around a million dollars. A star of Dubai’s bling, he was born and raised in the city, which is home to some 68,000 people worth $1 million or more. Additionally, his wife, Danya Mohammed, has an internet fortune of approximately $1 million, according to The Cinemaholic calculations.

In an episode of Dubai Bling, Danya is introduced to the recording studio by Marwan, where he surprises her by playing a new track he composed especially for her. Also, on Valentine’s Day, the musician presented his spouse with a jewelry set, which she was ecstatic to get.

The DJ is a young man at the center of 5 young people who decide to carve out his own career path and break free from the constraints of society.

Realizing that he had an expertise in music when he was a young man going to college was the impetus for him to pursue the art of mixing. However, due to family responsibilities, he was forced to work for a large tobacco company. After working there for a year, he decided to switch careers to music.

Bliss is widely considered to be the equivalent of Ryan Seacrest in the Middle East and has served as the host of the show “Casual TV Shows”. He interviewed a number of high-profile celebrities, including James Blunt, Nicki Minaj and Paris Hilton, who all hosted the show online.

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some frequently asked questions

Who is DJ Bliss’ spouse?

His spouse, favored YouTuber Danya Mohammed, is an accomplice in his life. 2015 was the year they got married.

How dated is Danya Mohammed?

At this cutoff date, she is 39 years old. The truth TV star’s start date was March 31, 1983.

Danya Mohammed Age and Birth

Danya Mohammed is a well-known actress in the industry. Most people are keen to study Diva Dee’s estimated Internet prices in 2022. Therefore, the material that can be found here is up to date. Some may be keen to explore the lives of their emerging superstars to satisfy their pure curiosity. So, for those of you who love Diva Dee and want to know more about her, you need to do some research.

Diva Dee was born on March 31, 1983. Therefore, Diva Dee will be 39 years old in 2022. Diva Dee is a well-known complete actress. According to numerous credible sources, Diva Dee is a whopping 1.63 meters tall, which will pique the curiosity of her many followers. Keep in touch with us for more up-to-date data.

Residence and property of Danya Mohammed

Actor Diva Dee is of British origin (according to youcontrol.com.ua). Diva Dee was found born on March 31, 1983 in Russia.

According to networthpost.org, Diva Dee’s fortune in 2022 is expected to be close to $200,000. The famous personality is ready to maintain a comfortable lifestyle because of the work she does.

Danya at Dubai Bling with DJ Bliss  DJ Bliss Wife Danya Mohammed Is A Beauty Blogger Danya appeared in Dubai Bling alongside DJ Bliss 300x165

Danya at Dubai Bling with DJ Bliss

Danya Mohammed: How did she get the cash?

Famous musician DJ Bliss is married to an Emirati girl named Danya Mohammed who is of Emirati descent. Beyond that, she is happy to be a hands-on mom to her partner and her husband’s two adorable children, Meera and Zayed. Diva Dee is Danya’s nickname on YouTube and Instagram, and she is a well-known vlogger and user. In addition to taking care of the household, she produces and sells beauty and cosmetics related merchandise. She admits that her husband, already known for his daily vlogging, was the driving force behind her decision to embark on a personal journey on YouTube.

After observing DJ Bliss’ passion for fabric making, Danya decided she needed to ask herself a question. Because of this, she started making her own personal films and has a deal for her YouTube channel, which she launched in January 2019, to enhance them. The truth TV character started her career by making travel-related vlogs; however, due to her personal passion for the beauty and makeup industry, she quickly pivoted to work in these fields. Danya has amassed many new admirers in a short period of time and currently has 126,000 followers on Instagram and 118,000 followers on her YouTube channel.

Apart from being a content producer, Danya is also an entrepreneur and model, representing brands such as Bambini Fashions, Mahallati Jewelry, Gucci and Gaffe Studios. During her several years on the Netflix reality series, she has been recurring on many different TV shows.

In the United Arab Emirates, a social media influencer can expect to earn AED 13,417 (approximately US$3,539) a month. However, someone with unlimited influence like Danya seems to make more money. She also has over 24 million views on YouTube, and considering beauty vloggers in Dubai can be expected to earn up to $1.21 per 1,000 views, she’s sure to be in the high-paying bracket of YouTubers.

Beyond that, Danya’s social media identities are somewhat lucrative, and supposedly improved as a direct result of her involvement in reality TV. As you can imagine, taking into account all the things mentioned above, she does one thing at around $64,500 a year, which leads us to conclude that her current internet price is around $1 million.

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