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Do not waste money buying a memory card, delete this hidden file that is taking your memory space.



There are some hidden files in Android phone and I would enlighten you on how to delete the hidden files from your Android phone.

Hidden files usually take more spaces from an Android phone which will make the phone work very low.

Let’s take a look at how to delete hidden files that is taking memory space from an Android phone.

The big files would make phone work very low. The cost rate of Memory card makes it difficult to buy for the phone owner.

Here is the guideline on how to delete hidden files from an Android phone.

It is not necessary for you to delete your applications because there are some certain files that are important for the phone owner and user. Safely delete big files which takes some percentage of your phone memory space.

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I would definitely teach you on how to delete the hidden and big files from an Android phone.

Step 1

Go to file, The big file is the thumbnail which is inside the DCIM file.

Open the DCIM folder and delete the big files from the thumbnail.

The thumbnail contains hidden and big file which takes some percentage in the memory space.

Step 2

Go to Phone master, click and select on “deep clean” option. Using the Android phone, go into the phone master application, click it and select the “deep clean” option.

Let’s take a look at how to find the “deep clean” option on the phone master.

There is a large file inside the deep clean. Delete the ‘Large files” which contains 7.98 GB of the memory space.

Delete the large file in the memory space. The big files which contains 3.88GB and 3.79GB must be deleted.

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Here is the screenshot of how to delete the large files.

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