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Do You Eat Kola Nut? Here Are Some Of It’s Health Benefits, Uses And Side Effects



Kola nut is a caffeine containing nut of the cola acuminate and cola nitida trees of the cocoa family native to tropical Africa and cultivated extensively in the American tropics. In Nigeria, it is a very important cultural symbol for many ethnic groups. It is also mostly given to guests at weddings, funerals and even naming ceremonies. Kola nuts can also be used as medicine.

Kola nuts have many health benefits and below are some of them.

1.    Boost metabolism

Kola nuts help to boost a person’s metabolism due to the presence of caffeine.

2.    Aid digestion

Kola nut extract or powder aids digestion. It helps to stimulate the production of digestive enzymes and even gastric juice which aids proper digestion.

3.    Increase in blood circulation

Kola nuts help to increase and speed up the heart rate and increase circulation due to the presence of theobromine and caffeine.

4.    Boost energy levels

Kola nuts help to increase alertness and boost energy levels as it aids in stimulating the central nervous system.

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5.    Antibacterial benefits

The use of kola nuts restricts the growth and development of bacterial in the body.

There are some health conditions that kola nut intake helps to improve and below are some of them

1.    Prostate cancer

The phytoestrogens in kola nuts helps to kill cancer and stop tumors from growing. There are some certain compounds in kola nuts that reduce the risk of prostate cancer according to research.

2.    Migraines

A kola nut is very effective for people suffering from migraine. This is because caffeine which is present in kola nuts helps to treat headache pain.

3.    Asthma

Kola nuts are very effective in treating breathing problems such as asthma. The caffeine present in kola nuts can act as a bronchodilator thus it opens the airways to make breathing easier.

4.    Slow metabolism

Low testosterone, Graves’s disease and cushing syndrome may affect a person’s metabolism but kola nuts helps to eradicate all these conditions.

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Kola nuts has many uses and below are some of them

1.    In some African countries like Nigeria, kola nuts are used for ceremonial activities, chewed during ceremonies and rituals.

2.    It can also be used to sweeten the breath.

3.    In the western world, it is used as a flavoring agent for sodas.

4.    Kola nuts can be used as an additive in energy drinks and performance enhancers.

5.    It can also be used as an alternative medicine.

Kola nut consumption has some risk factors as it may not suit everyone. Please if you are allergic to kola nuts, avoid it immediately. An allergic person can experience the following symptoms

7 Health Benefits Of Kola Nuts

1.    Stomach upset.

2.    Hives.

3.    Difficulty in breathing.

Below are some side effects of kola nuts.

The risk of side effects depends on the amount you consume. Some of the side effects include.

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1.    Increased blood pressure

Kola nuts raise one’s blood pressure due to the active ingredients and stimulant present in it. Those who have high blood pressure should avoid it at all cost.

2.     Sleeping problem

Consuming kola nuts or any of its product can cause insomnia or problem staying asleep. If you experience sleep disorder, please avoid taking kola nut.

3.    Shakiness

Kola nut consumption can lead to tremors, anxiousness and shakiness as it can affect the central nervous system. People with anxiety should avoid it.

4.    Nausea

Kola nut intake can lead to stomach upset due to the increased production of stomach acid. It can also lead to stomach pain,

Please take note

1.    Kola nut is not good for people with high blood pressure.

2.    It is not also good for people with certain cardiac conditions due to their stimulant effect.

3.    Those having difficulty sleeping at night or going to sleep should avoid it.

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