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Do You Know You Can Create Your Phone Case From A Plastic Bucket?



Did you know you can create your own phone case from something as simple as a small bucket you have already in your kitchen?

With this simple method I am about to show you, you can convert your plastic waste e.g buckets, plastic coke bottles, 7up bottles, plastic bottles water, etc.

This project is a fun way to recycle your phone waste and it is very very easy to do.

So let’s get started.

Material Needed

1. Plastic Bucket/Bottle

2. A pair of scissors

3. Any object with pointed mouth (e.g nail, knife,etc)

4. A wooden stick /a ruler

How to make the phone

Just follow the simple steps outlined below to make this possible.

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1. First step is to cut out the plastic, cut it in a rectangular shape.

2. Measure out your phone on the , adding extra 1/2 inches round all the edges.

You can do this by just placing your phone on the plastic and then leave a space of half an inche round it.

3. Cut out your measurements from the plastic. You can use a pointed sharp object to make whole in the plastic and the cut using your scissors. Punching hole in the plastic makes it easier to cut

4. Use heat around the edges of plastic to melt it. Be careful not use too much heat, so you won’t over melt it and ruin your plastic but apply enough heat so that the¬†sides melt and you can work with it.

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5. Use the wooden stick to shape all the side up into a perfect side of the case.

this is what you get when you are done

6. Cut out the camera hole and all other holes present in your phone.

7. You can paint your case with any color of choice or use plain.

Your phone case if perfectly made.