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Do you Like Tigernut? See Tigernut drink and benefits




Tigernut (cyperus esculentus) is a perenial graas- like plant with edible tubers and pale yellow cream kernel surrounded with fibrous sheath it has the black,brown and yellow varieties.the brown and yellow varieties are tt most common in the market.the yellow type gives more milk and it has low fat content and high in protein,it is Rich in vitamins and it is called ” aki hausa” and hawked in wheelbarrow.

10 Benefit of tigernut

1)it helps in brain development

2) reduces sugar level

3) improve digestion because of the fiber content.

4) fights respiratory infections

5) supplies vitamins

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6)helps in skin appearance

7)it prevents constipation

8)it prevents cancer

9) promotes urine production

10)helps to boost immune systems

How to make your tigernut drink


2cups of tigernut

1medium sized coconut


1medium ginger


Soak your tigernut overnight,if using the dried one.rinse the soaked nut and blend.crack the dates and bring out the nuts,peel your ginger and bring out your coconut flesh and grind all together.

Strain the milk extract with cotton material into a clean bowl.put the extract in the refrigerator and serve chilled.

Uses of tigernut



3) nutrition


5) fishing bait