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Do You Remember The Fowl That Stayed Alive For 18 Months Without A Head? Here’s What Kept It Alive (Photos)



This world is full of mysteries, the moment you understand that fact, life will become simple to you.

Alot of people will find what they are about to read very hard to believe but I assure you that it actually happened.

The name of this fowl is Miracle Mike, and that’s a befitting name because it’s survival was truely a miracle. On the 10th of September 1945, Mr Iloyd Olsen who was a butcher was cutting off the heads of birds at his place, and his wife was cleaning them off in hot water so they could sell them in the market, but when he cut of the head of Miracle Mike just like he did to the other birds, it did not die. It ran without it’s head for a while until Mr Olsen caught it. Out of curiosity, Mr Olsen put the headless fowl in a big box at the barn he had at his backyard hoping to meet it dead in the morning.

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When he got back there in the morning, he found out that the bird was still alive even without the head, so Mr Olsen and his wife decided to start making money with the bird, that was when they gave it the name “Miracle Mik

They displayed the bird and people would pay to see how possible it was for a bird without a head to breath, eat and even walk.

Well, Mr Olson always fed Miracle Mike with a syring through the lungs and they moved around with an inhaler for Miracle incase he began finding it hard to breath.

It’s food was liquid based, it was grounded then turned into a liquid form.


So one day after a fine display by Miracle Mike, Mr Olson and his wife lodged in a nearby hotel in the city they went to display Miracle Mike, but while they were inside, they heard Miracle Mike struggling for air, that was when they remembered that they had left Miracle Mike’s inhaler at the former hotel they stayed, so they just watched Miracle Mike struggle until he died painfully after 18 months, Miracle Mike died in the month of March 1947.

Now the big question, how did it survive for 18 Months without a head?

After the death of Miracle Mike, it was discovered by researchers that while Mr Olsen was cutting off the head of Miracle Mike, his axe missed Mike’s Jugular Vein, leaving One ear and most of the brain sterm intact. So due to the failure of the Jugular been removed, Mike was still able to balance on a perch, fly and also walk clumsily.

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These are other photos of Miracle Mike and Olsen.

This is the short story of Miracle Mike.

What do you think of the bird, do you think it was really a miracle?

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