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Do You Still Take Or Drink Palm wine? Read Its Health Benefits


Natural Palm wine is made from the sap of a palm tree and, when obtained without fermentation, can be considered juice since it contains no alcohol at this stage. However, after being left for a few hours, such as two hours, fermentation occurs due to natural yeasts in the air, and it now contains around 5% alcohol, has a sweet flavor, and white color, and is slightly intoxicating.

The more time it takes to ferment, the more alcoholic and bitter it gets. Palm wine is referred to as ogogoro in Nigeria. Magnesium, iron, sugar, protein, carbohydrate, yeast, bacteria, and various vitamins are all present in any healthy and well-tapped Palm wine.

Now, whether you’re either taking or drinking palm wine, here’s what you should know about the health effects of palm wine.

The health benefits of palm wine. The following are the health effects of taking or consuming palm wine:

1. Palm wine is high in Vitamin B2, an antioxidant that aids in the fight against cancer-causing agents. Riboflavin is another name for vitamin B2.

2. Palm wine contains the antioxidant Vitamin C known as ascorbic acid, which can also be present in certain fruits, which helps to maintain eyesight. Vitamin B1 also aids in the improvement of vision. Thiamine is the name of vitamin B1.

3. Palm wine’s antioxidant properties aid wound healing by restoring tissues and encouraging the growth of healthy cells.

4. Palm wine is used to treat food poisoning and diarrhea due to its high antibacterial properties.

5. By applying it to the skin, it can be used to treat skin rashes.

It’s important to keep in mind that fermented palm wine should be consumed in moderation. Don’t drink too much because fermented palm wine contains a lot of alcohol and can get you drunk. So, just as we know that consuming alcohol in excess kills essential organs in the body, palm wine can be harmful to your health if consumed in excess. But proceed with caution while drinking. Keep in mind that health is money.