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Do You Watch Apocalypto? 14 Years After He Acted Apocalypto, See Pictures Of The Main Actor. [Photos]



Apocalypto is a movie that is still fresh in the heart of many Nigerians. The movie has a Native American Concept and it is a very clean movie with a lot of suspense and intrigues to offer.

The movie was released in 2006 that is 14 years ago, most people make think that the language that was spoken in the movie were made up but it is language that is spoken in Maya. The film was produced by Mel Gibson and the main actor is Jaguar Paw.

In the movie Jaguar Paw and his fellow people were captured but Jaguar Paw did his best to prevent his wife who was pregnant and his son from be taken. After some series of events, Jaguar Paw escaped from the Invaders and use the knowledge and advantage of his home to outsmart the Invaders and reunite himself with his wife and son.

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The actor that played the role of Jaguar Paw is Rudy Youngblood. He was born on September 21 1982 making him 37 years presently and 23 years when the movie was acted.

He is reportedly a Native American actor and a musician. He was born in Texas. Aside acting he also has some talents in Carpentry, Brick laying and boxing.

His role in the movie made him win the award of best actor at the 15th First Americans in the Arts awards.

See some more pictures of him

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