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Filmmaker & philanthropist Andrew Myer has been appointed Chair of non profit organisation, Documentary Australia.

Myer, a Director of Documentary Australia since 2017, replaces Kevin Farmer after almost three years.

“It’s truly exciting and I feel as if I have returned to re-embrace my filmmaking roots that commenced 25 years ago,” said Myer.

Myer’s producing credits include Look Both Ways, Romulus My Father, Radiance, Paper Planes, Make Hummus Not War, Blueback and The Dry. He was Chair and Deputy Chair of the Melbourne International Film Festival for 17 years until 2017, and is a former Deputy Chair of the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

“My sincere hope for Documentary Australia is to continue on its growth strategy, assisting filmmakers, donors and thought leaders to make compelling films that inspire, educate and influence behaviour towards a better planet and society,” Mr Myer said. “I’m inspired and in awe of the creativity and energy that a talented group of people bring to a documentary project, and how a well-crafted outreach campaign can change behaviour and influence policy makers.

“I am enthused with the scope of our projects, which aren’t impeded by bureaucratic or political process. As a digital medium, documentaries can be delivered across so many different platforms and reach millions in a way that live performance or the visual arts simply cannot.

“You realise that your time on earth is finite and you need to bring as much passion and commitment to a cause as you can. I’ve always enjoyed backing talent and have been privileged to work with people who share my passion and want to make an impact.”

Documentary Australia co-founder and CEO, Dr Mitzi Goldman, thanked outgoing Chair, Kevin Farmer.

“Kevin has been a diligent and guiding presence, always a sounding board and there to roll up his sleeves and help with anything that is required. I thank him for all he has done to support our growth over so many years,” Dr Goldman said.

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