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Does Alan Jackson Have A Son Daughters And Family


The singer has released 16 albums, including two gospel albums, three best albums, and two Christman albums. With more than 75 million records sold worldwide, 44 of them in the United States, Alan is one of the most successful musicians of all time.

Jackson has 66 hits on the Billboard Hot Country Singles & Tracks chart. Of those 66, 35 achieved number one positions, 38 reached the top five, and 6 were featured singles.

He has grown children and is a contented married man. People often wonder if singer Ellen has a boy because he is the parent of three wonderful daughters. Everything we know about his children is included below.

Does singer Alan Jackson have a son?

Famous American singer-songwriter Alan Jackson doesnโ€™t have a son, but heโ€™s going to be a grandfather soon. When he realized that he was going to be a grandpa for the first time, he was overjoyed and ecstatic!

His oldest daughter, Mattie Jackson Selecman, posted some Instagram Stories in July 2022. She revealed that Sam Bradshaw and his sister Alexander โ€œAliโ€ Jane Jackson Bradshaw are expecting a boy as their first child.

A screenshot of Aliโ€™s Instagram post was shared by Mattie with her adoring spouse through her Instagram account. She captioned the photo โ€œDad!โ€ and wished her husband a happy anniversary. According to Ali, the baby boyโ€™s due date is the start of duck season.

Did I mention my nephew is coming? is the caption added to the image by Jacksonโ€™s eldest daughter? She also posted a short video clip of the gender reveal celebration, where her mother Dennis Jackson, and father Alan Jackson can be seen reveling in the good news.

Ellen is delighted to be the father of three daughters. He is very close to his daughters and he enjoys spending time with them as a family. He would be the best grandfather and undoubtedly the happiest person in the world to get to know his grandson.

Meet Ellen Jacksonโ€™s Daughters

Alan Jackson and his devoted wife Dennis Jackson had three daughters: Mattie Denise Selecman (June 19, 1990); Alexandra โ€œAliโ€ Jane Jackson Bradshaw (June 19, 1990); and Dani Grace (August 28, 1997).

In October 2017, the coupleโ€™s first child, Marty, received a degree from the University of Tennessee. Sadly, she passed away a month before celebrating their first wedding anniversary with her longtime partner Ben Selleckman.

Ben died on September 12, 2018, after a serious fall during a family gathering on Allenโ€™s yacht over Labor Day weekend. He accidentally slipped while helping a woman on the boat. He suffered a head injury that required multiple surgeries and was in a coma for 11 days.

However, three and a half years after the death of her spouse, Mattie found love again. On April 14, she posted a photo on Instagram of her new boyfriend sheโ€™s been with for six months.

The singerโ€™s second child, Ali, was happily married to Sam Bradshaw, and the two soon became parents. The singerโ€™s youngest child, Dany, wanted to avoid the spotlight and social media.

Who is Alan Jacksonโ€™s wife Dennis Jackson

Alan Jacksonโ€™s high school sweetheart Dennis Jackson is his wife. On December 15, 1979, the happy couple exchanged vows and started their family. They have three children. The two split briefly in 1998 due to pressure from the singer and adultery.

Still, they reconnected and have been together ever since. Jackson also referenced the relationship in several of his songs, including โ€œRemember Whenโ€ and โ€œShe Likes It Too,โ€ which were based on his bittersweet memories and the enduring love he and his wife had.

Also wrote and published a book about Dennis and Ellenโ€™s lives, their relationship, their adultery split, and their reconciliation. Top New York Times Bestsellers: This Book. The book, published in May 2008, is titled โ€œItโ€™s All About Him: Finding the Love of My Lifeโ€.

The devoted couple lived happily ever after with their children. The family is thrilled as the newest member will arrive at the start of duck season.


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