Does Emilia Clarke Have Aphasia? Stroke Horrors and Brain Surgery Details

Emilia Clarke

Does Emilia Clarke Have Aphasia? Stroke Horrors and Brain Surgery Details: Hollywood actress Emilia Clarke is suffering from Aphasia since she suffered a brain aneurysm followed by a stroke in 2013. Emilia is a very well-known Hollywood actress and she has to retire from her work due to a battle with Aphasia. She has openly discussed her struggle and condition with the disease. Follow More Update On

Does Emilia Clarke Have Aphasia?

At which age Hollywood actress should focus on her future, she has to battle with Aphasia, an upsetting brain condition, which affects the body’s communication skills. As per the doctors, it is usually caused by damage to the left brain, perhaps after a stroke, head injury, brain tumor infection, or dementia. Due to Aphasia, a patient has to face problems in reading, speaking, typing, or writing, meanwhile patient has to suffer from every communication skill. But when patients go through the suffering of Aphasia, the patient will not witness effects on their intelligence. The most recommended treatment is for Aphasia is speech-language therapy and Non-Verbal communication Therapies.

In the past time, Hollywood has not had any cases of Aphasia, but Bruce Willis has come out as the latest person to reveal it. Rather than Sharon Stone, Terry Jones, Gabby Giffords, and Patricia Neal are those celebrities, who spoke about their experience with the disease before with the actress Willis and Emilia Clarke. Sometimes she wants to die, cause of the effect of the disease.

She is suffering from Aphasia since 2011, she gave an interview in 2019 to New York Yorker. She said, she suffered a subarachnoid hemorrhage, caused by a ruptured aneurysm in February 2011. She had to go for subsequently underwent endovascular coiling surgery for getting removed to Aphasia. She had taken her second surgery in 2013. When she got the surgery, after two weeks of it, she found that the actress could not remember her name and she was not able to speak clearly, she was getting gibberish when she trying to have a conversation with someone.

She had to admit to ICU, she had spent around one month in the hospital. When she recovered, she started to film GOT’s second season but she was not totally recovered. She was temporarily recovered and she has to take a second aneurysm on her brain. When she was shooting for GOTs at that time she was full of anxiety and she had to put on much medicine for her recovery. That is how she shot for GOT.

Emilia is still in the process of a small aneurysm on the other side of her brain and it could be rupture at any time. As long the tumor does not go enlarge, doctors could not operate on it.

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