Dolphin Attack Trainer Video During Show At Miami Seaquarium Goes Viral On Social Media

Dolphin Attack Trainer Video

WATCH: Dolphin Attack Trainer Video During Show At Miami Seaquarium Goes Viral On Social Media: A shocking video on Twitter is going viral on the internet that a Dolphin attacked the trainer during the show. The audience was shocked when they sees the whole incident. The incident happened in Miami Seaquarium when everything was going normal. The trainer was doing his daily routine work. He was feeding dolphins and performing some stunts after feeding them. Suddenly, one dolphin has performed in a bad way and the dolphin does not follow the trainer’s instructions. When the trainer gives some signals to them. The dolphin doesn’t listen to him and started attacked on him. Follow More Update On

Dolphin Attack Trainer Video

The trainer gives the name Sundance. Every time when he calls the dolphin. He calls the name Sundance. Sundance was a 23-year-old dolphin who has lived at the Seaquarium his entire life. Maybe the reason for attacking is he wants to be free from the pool. He doesn’t want to stay in the pool anymore. He wants to go into the river. Maybe this was the reason. Or he was angry and frustrated to follow the trainer’s instructions. Or the reason was something else. Who knows. The exact reason was not known yet.

In the audience, someone has recorded the whole incident and shared it on the internet. The dolphin can be seen lunging at a trainer swimming in the ocean in video footage posted by a bystander. Once the trainer is clear of the animal, she can be seen desperately swimming to the pool’s edge and lifting herself out. Another trainer arrives to check on her and console her as she kneels in shock and appears visibly scared. After the event, the trainer was brought to a local hospital. It’s unclear if the dolphin continued to perform following the incident.

Shannon Carpenter was the one who captured the whole video. He says, One trainer go to the dolphin with the intention of hugging and loving but her hugging was converted into a horrific accident. He was attacked by the dolphin several times and hit him very badly, Due to this, he got minor injuries. Not serious at all. But the audience wants to know what’s the reason for attacking. As of now, it’s not clear why the dolphin attacking him. Shannon who recorded the whole video has become a big topic on the internet and many reporters were interviewing him.

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