Donald Trump’s first wife and Ivana Trump’s mother-in-law, who

Ivana Trump rose to fame after marrying Donald Trump. The now-former president of the United States, while she was just a teenager. Despite this, she lived a whole 73 years before she passed away this Thursday. The first thing to know about this woman is that she was not born in the United States.

she given the name Ivana Marie Zelnková on February 20, 1949, in Zen, Czechoslovakia. She represented her nation as an exceptional skier at the Sapporo Winter Olympics. After marrying George Syrovatka, a longtime acquaintance who was a Canadian citizen, she was able to leave Czechoslovakia and travel to Canada. Where she committed herself to work as a model before becoming divorced for the first time in 1976, the same year she went to New York. Follow For More Updates at

Donald Trump’s first wife and Ivana Trump’s mother-in-law, who Ivana Trump obit 1

How did Ivana and Trump meet?

She met Donald Trump in New York. They were married in a spectacular social wedding a year later, in 1977. Ivana committed herself to hold significant positions within the numerous businesses owned by her wealthy husband during their lengthy marriage. Which lasted until 1992. Perhaps the most significant of these positions was that of Vice President of Design for Trump Tower, where she worked to ensure that the finishes and design were distinctive. In elegance and style. Ivana was also the Manager of Trump Castle.

The reason behind Donald and Ivana Trump’s divorce.

Everything in the Trump marriage appeared to be going well, but an affair between Donald and the beauty queen Maria Maples erupted on a family trip. Where Ivana met with her, and she promptly started divorce proceedings.

Ivana wanted to take half of Donald’s assets, but the businessman wasn’t interested. So they got into a contentious legal battle. However, after Ivana’s father passed away and Donald attended the burial. They decided to proceed amicably and reached a settlement in 1992.

Donald Trump’s first wife and Ivana Trump’s mother-in-law, who download 21 4

Ivana and Donald Trump have how many kids?

Donald John, Jr., Ivanka Marie, and Eric Trump were the couple’s three children. Ivana Trump married Rossano Rubicondi and Riccardo Mazzucchelli after their divorce finalized, and they remained friendly with one another. Ivana Trump has had two other marriages.

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