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Don’t Die Of Snake Bite, Use This To Remove The Poison Asap



As we all know Snake venom is very deadly and poisonous and it is capable of killing someone in hours if nothing is done.

Our forefathers back in the days made use of some natural herbs to get themselves healed of anything be it sickness or whatever and it worked just fine on them which is why I will tell you about a natural stuff that can extract snake poison.

Have you ever come across or heard about that stone called Jerusalem black stone? It’s black in colour and somehow small in size. It can be used to extract the poison gotten from any bite including snake bite.

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Let me tell you how to use it.

When someone is bitten by a snake, get the stone and ask the person to sit down. When the person is sitter, place the stone on the area that was bitten.

Due to the sticky nature of the stone when placed on a poisonous surface, it will only fall off after it must have extracted the entire venom.