Double Eliminations Immunity Battle & More

CBS Survivor Season 42 has been on the forefront to entertain the viewers. After providing the fans with eight interesting episodes, it has resulted in the fans wanting more. Everyone is curious to find out the release date of episode 9 of the series and what will they get to see in it. It is no doubt to state that the suspense has been killing the viewers and they are expressing their curiosity and excitement for the premiere of the upcoming episode on social media. Check all the details related to the episode here.

The makers have released a promo on social media that has been has been sweeping a lot of attention of the fans. It shows that two more people will get evicted in the forthcoming episode. For those unversed, in the last episode, Chanelle Howell had become the first contestant to get eliminated as she finished in the 11th place and became a member of the Survivor 42 jury.

Survivor Season 42 Episode 9 Release Date

With Chanell’s shocking eviction, only ten contestants are left competing for the $1 million prize this season. Now, the promos show that the number of people will be reduced to eight as two more will be leaving the show. The ten people who are still in the running to win the whopping cash prize if the season include Tori Meehan, Rocksroy Bailey, Omar Zaheer, Hai Giang, Lindsay Dolashewich, Mike Turner, Drea Wheeler, Joanthan Young, Romeo Escobar, and, Maryanne Oketch.

Apart from two people going home in the upcoming episode, it is also said that two people will win individual immunity. Well, it is sure that it will lead to a lot of chaos at Tribal Council. Host Jeff Probst has announced in the promo about the double elimination. Sources claim that the remaining ten contestants will be divided into two teams. Viewers may get to watch the formation of a males’ alliance based on the trailer for what’s to come.

According to a brief scene in the teaser, Maryanne, Tori, Jonathan, Drea, and Lindsay won a prize and are thus most likely one of the teams travelling to Tribal together. Talking about Survivor Season 42 Episode 9, it will be released on Wednesday, April 27, 2022. The synopsis of the episode reads “One castaway is the last standing in the fight for immunity, earning themselves a spot in the final eight”. Follow our site, Social Telecast, for more latest updates and trending news. Stay tuned!

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